What is the name of this movie R. Lee Ermey was in?

He was fairly young in the movie late 30's or early 40's in age. He has no credit for doing the part and his website does not mention it. The movie was about a soldier in Vietnam that was like the last survivor in a major offensive on top of a firebase. He was about to pull a grenade on himself when the helicopters with some officers showed up. Ermey had a brief speaking part as a sargeant telling the soldier that was some battle or something like that and he left.

I have watched every credited Ermey movie and nothing. I only saw the last part of this movie that had a tremendous battle scene and then above mentioned.

Anyone have a clue what this movie was?

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    R. Lee Ermey

    Born: Mar 24, 1944 in Emporia, Kansas

    Occupation: Actor

    Active: '80s-2000s

    Major Genres: Drama, Thriller

    Career Highlights: Seven, Dead Man Walking, Full Metal Jacket

    First Major Screen Credit: Full Metal Jacket (1987)


    Character actor R. Lee Ermey specializes in playing tough military men and authority figures on television and in feature films. In his case, it is an issue of art imitating life, for he served as a non-commissioned officer in Vietnam. Injuries forced him to retire from active duty. In order to stretch his disability pay farther, he moved to the Philippines and, while there, studied criminology. Ermey broke into films while he was living in Manila. Every morning, he would stop in at a coffee shop at the city's Hilton hotel. The place was a popular hangout for Hollywood directors, one of whom noticed Ermey and asked him to pose for a series of ads for blue jeans. This experience led to his film debut, a role as a retired soldier in a local production. By 1976, he had appeared in several Filipino films. He broke into Hollywood films that year, when he visited the set for Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now and got himself hired as a helicopter pilot. The ex-officer's Vietnam experience came in handy and Coppola utilized him as a technical advisor. He made his acting debut in an American film in Sidney J. Furie's comedy-drama The Boys in Company C (1978). Ermey worked again with Furie as technical advisor and actor in Purple Hearts (1984). The former marine got his biggest break in Stanley Kubrick's powerful Full Metal Jacket (1987). His profane, ruthless, and intense portrayal of Marine gunnery sergeant Hartman, who had the thankless, brutal job of toughening up raw recruits before sending them to Vietnam dominated the film's first 45 minutes and provides an unforgettably realistic, disturbing portrait of military training. Thanks to his unique countenance and authoritative voice, Ermey maintained a career as a character actor appearing in such well-received films as Alan Parker's raceical drama Mississippi Burning, and Abel Ferrara's version of Body Snatchers. In 1995 he spoofed himself to great effect as the voice of the leader of the little green soldiers in Toy Story, while also playing the vengeful father of a murder victim in Tim Robbins capital punishment drama Dead Man Walking. In addition to those, he played the boss to Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt in the haunting thriller Seven.

    In the next decade Ermey hosted the reality program Mail Call that featured him answering a variety of viewer questions about various aspects of military life and history. He also appeared in the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as well as that remake's sequel in 2006.

    ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

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    Plot Summary for

    The Boys in Company C

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    The Siege of Firebase Gloria

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    Full Metal Jacket?

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    I know the movie, been years since I saw it. Will have to watch this one to see if anyone knows.

    FOund it


    Source(s): The Boys in Company C
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    I remember that! Now I want to know too!

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    Apocalypse Now ??

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