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Does "Jamas" and "Nunca" have the same meaning ?

Do they both means "never"

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    "Jamais" and "nunca" both mean never, but "jamais" is usually in a reference to the past.

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    Hi there. Here in Brazil It's not "Jamas" but "Jamais" with and "I". Ok??

    Yeah, they have the same meaning, both of them means "Never"


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    Nunca jamás is used to emphazise its meaning.

    Nunca jamás lo haré = I won't do that never again.

    Nunca jamás ire = I'll never ever go.

    Jamás is more emphatic that Nunca.

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    yes,both mean "never"

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  • 1 decade ago

    almost...but yes...they do...

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