Do you know the meaning of these words used by Capetonians?

Gattas, Bymekaar, Stirvy, Afbiene, Woelag, Klop, Hollangers, Mang, Arrag and Versin are words used mostly in Cape Town. Do you know the meaning and can you add to this colorful lingo list?


And can you use them in a sentence?

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    bymekaar - i was bymekaar with that goos last weekend in the jol.

    stirvy - that goos is keeping herself stirvy.

    woelag - its foking woelag there in the chachies.

    klop - the jol is klopping.

    hollangers - theres a lot of hollangers on the parade.

    mang - my chommie is sitting in the mang for stealing car radios.

    versin - hey!dont keep yourself versin.

    afbiene - ek maak jou sommer afbiene.

    Gattas -?

    Arrag - ?

    how about


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    Gattas= police

    Bymekaar= 'getting it on'

    Stirvy= like a proper lady

    Afbiene= no money/broke

    Woelag= busy as if you had ants in your ***

    Klop= good sounds (like a car radio)

    Hollangers= someone that doesn't work

    Mang= got to jail

    Arrag= bad taste or smell

    Versin= shy

    I'm not sure if this is ok, but one of my friends at work helped me. He is from Cape Town. I have never been there, but your lingo sounds so fascinating. And I can't use them all in one sentence.

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    Not all, they are quite colloquial but here are a few:-

    Bymekaar - all together - hulle was almal bymekar (they were all together)

    Woelag - worked up - angry or excited like the south easter wind that blows in CT.

    Klop - knock or klop,klop is the sound a horse makes on the road.

    Hollangers - hangers on.

    That's the extent of my knowledge.

    Source(s): English speaking Cape Townian
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    Afrikaans Definition

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sounds like them!!!

    Gattas - police

    Stirvy - think your better than everyone

    Woelag - getting it on or very wild

    Klop - punping the bass

    Versin - your crazy

    Add: Vat jy my vir 'n pop???

    ps: I enjoyed this question


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    Sorry Porg.. i was in the cape many many moons ago.. im currently 1900 kilo's away from the cape as well.. so i cant see myself going there in a while..

  • 1 decade ago

    Gattas - Polisie

    Versin - Mal, Crazy (Is jy versin? are you nuts)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How about Gatiep?

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    1 decade ago

    More words... :-)

    * ag man - oh man, the ag is the Afrikaans cognate of oh while the man is pronounced as the English word

    * baas - boss

    * babbelas - hangover (originally from Zulu)

    * bakgat - expression of appreciation for something very well accomplished; cool.

    * bakkie - a utility truck, pick-up truck, now a mainstream word in South African English

    * ballas - balls i.e. testicles (rude)

    * ballie - old man

    * befok - f'ed up, excellent, insane, esp. 'bos befok', shell shocked (rude)

    * bergie - from berg, mountain, originally referring to vagrants who sheltered in the forests of Table Mountain and now a mainstream word for a particular subculture of vagrants in Cape Town. When used as slang refers to anyone who is down and out

    * bioscope, bio - cinema, movie theatre (now dated), originally a defunct international English word it has survived longer in South Africa as a result of the influence of the Afrikaans cognate bioskoop.

    * biltong - dried meat, similar to jerky, a mainstream word

    * bliksem - strike, hit, punch, also used as an expression of surprise/emphasis (rude, considered by many to be profanity)

    * blou - to be tired

    * boer - literaly “farmer” in afrikaans, it is used by English-speaking people to indicate an Afrikaans farmer, especially in a derogatory way, like “country bumpkin”

    * boere - the police (plural of boer), once dominated by Afrikaners (who are stereotyped as being farmers, and ties in with the derogatory meaning of 'boer')

    * boerewors - spicy sausage (Afrikaans) farmer-sausage, used as a mainstream word in South African English

    * bokkie - a nubile woman (from Afrikaans for "small goat" or "deer"), also a goatee beard

    * bosberaad - strategy meeting held outdoors, eg, game reserve.

    * bossies - crazy, whacko, mad

    * bru - male friend (shortening of broer meaning brother, see also bra below)

    * braai - a barbecue, to barbecue (from braaivleis), used a mainstream word in South African English

    * chommie - a friend (root: English 'chum')

    * dinges - thingamabob, a wotzit or a whatchamacallit

    * doos - idiot (can also mean female genitalia) (profanity). From Afrikaans word for box.

    * dof - stupid

    * dop - alcohol, To drink alcohol.

    * dorpie - small town

    * doss, dossing - Sleep, nap

    * droewors - (Afrikaans) 'dry sausage', similar to biltong

    * dronkie - drunkard

    * druk - to have sex (Afrikaans: push)

    * eina! - ouch!

    * ek sê - you there (used to address a person who is not known), I say

    * etter - pus

    * flouie - an unfunny (weak) joke (used by Gauteng Indians, from Afrikaans word for weak)

    * gatta - a policeman

    * gatvol - fed up, had enough. (Afrikaans - hole-full).

    * gedoente - to-do, hassle, mess

    * gesuip - very drunk, intoxicated, plastered. Original Afrikaans meaning for an animal drinking (water) - of course.

    * gom - bumpkin, redneck (in US sense, not to be confused with rooinek)

    * goof, goef - swim, dip

    * gooi - throw, chuck

    * gwaai - cigarette, to smoke

    * hoesit, hoezit, howzit - how’s it going? How are you?

    * hott'not - derogatory term for a Coloured person

    * in sy moer - badly damaged, destroyed (rude, often considered profanity due to 'moer')

    * ja - yes

    * jaags, jaks - horny, promiscuous (root: 'Jag', to hunt)

    * jirre - wow! (Afrikaans: 'Here', meaning 'Lord')

    * jislaaik! - wow!

    * jisus - wow! (from Afrikaans pronunciation of Jesus) (profanity)

    * jol - to have fun, to party, can also refer to a disco or party

    * kak - ****, crap, rubbish, nonsense (profanity)

    * kerels - police (Original Afrikaans meaning: guys). In English pronounced as: Care-Rills. "The kerels are coming, watch out!"

    * kiff, kif, kief - (adj.) cool, neat, great, wonderful (from Arabic, kayf, meaning enjoyment or wellbeing)

    * klap - to smack in the face. (From Afrikaans). "He got klapped in the bar".

    * kleintjie - small one, tiny thing, child, baby

    * kwaai - cool, excellent (Afrikaans: angry. Compare the US slang 'phat')

    * laaitie, laitie - a younger person, esp. a younger male such as a younger brother or son

    * lekker - nice, good, great (lit. sweet)

    * mal - mad, crazy

    * maats - friends

    * meid - derogatory term for a black woman (from dutch, meaning girl)

    * mielie - millet corn (AmE) / maize (BrE), staple diet. Penis.

    * moegoe - stupid person, coward, or weakling

    * moer - to assault (from Afrikaans moerd - to murder) (rude, often considered profanity)

    * moerse - big, massive, impressive. "I had a moerse piece of meat at the braai". "He scored a moerse try."

    * moffie - male homosexual (derogatory).

    * naai - to have sex (lit. 'to stitch') (profanity)

    * naartjie (Citrus reticulata) (Afrikaans)- Tangerine, Mandarin, used as a mainstream word in South African English

    * nê? - do you know what I mean?

    * nooit - never, no way, unbelievable!

    * ou (plural ouens) man, guy, bloke (also oke) (Afrikaans = old)

    * pap - traditional maize porridge similar to grits

    * plaas - farm

    * plank - derogatory term used by English-speaking people to refer to Afrikaaners. Stems from people with a thick Afrikaans accent sounding 'as thick as two short planks' when speaking English

    * platteland - rural area

    * poes - female genitalia. (profanity)

    * pomp - to have sex (from Afrikaans word for pump) (rude)

    * rooinek - ('red neck') derogatory term for English person

    * sat - dead - see 'vrek' below. (Pronounced as sut in English)

    * sies - expression of disgust, disappointment, annoyance - ag, sies, man

    * skief - to glare at someone (root: Afrikaans 'skeef', skew)

    * "skiet, skop en boom klim" - literally "shooting, kicking and climbing trees" A colloquial description of an action film, usually of the lighter, more humorous kind. Think Jackie Chan.

    * "skiet, skop, en donner" - literally "shooting, kicking and beating people up" A colloquial description of an action movie of the more violent kind. Think Jean-Claude Van Damme.

    * skeef - provokingly, crooked, askance, skew, homosexual ("that guy in the bar is so skeef, just look at his clothes!" - derogatory).

    * skelm - crook

    * skinner, skinder - gossip

    * skommel - to masturbate (from Afrikaans word for shuffle) (rude). Used by Indians.

    * skop - kick

    * skraal - very hungry. (Durban region).

    * skrik - fright

    * skyf - cigarette, a puff.

    * slaat - to hit, to take

    * smaak - to like another person or thing

    * smaak stukkend - to like very much or to love to pieces (literal meaning of stukkend). "I smaak you stukkend" = "I love you madly".

    * sommer - for no particular reason, just because

    * soutpiel, soutie - (Afrikaans 'salt dick') derogatory term for English-speaking white South African on account of his supposed divided loyalties: one foot in South Africa, the other in England, and genitals in the sea.

    * sosatie - a kebab on a stick, used as mainstream word in South African English

    * steek - stab, poke (with knife); have sex. "He/she steeked her/him" = "He/she poked her/him".

    * stukkie, stekkie - a woman (from the Afrikaans meaning "a piece")

    * stoep - porch, verandah, like American stoop but pronounced with a shorter vowel

    * stukkend - (Afrikaans) broken

    * swak - broke. Original Afrikaans: weak. "I'm swak, ek sê". Also used to express disgust or derision (depending on tone and context), eg "It's swak that I failed the test"

    * tannie - an older female authority figure, used most often by Indians. Derived from the Afrikaans word for "aunty"

    * tatie or tati - insane, crazy or eccentric

    * tekkies - sneakers, the Anglicized pronunciation takkies has become mainstream in South African English

    * trek - to move, the word has become international with the meaning of making a pioneering journey, the slang usage is closer to standard Afrikaans meaning

    * vaai - to go, to leave (The Afrikaans spelling is waai. In Afrikaans w is pronounced as v in English)

    * vaalie - mildly derogative term used by people at the coast to describe a tourist from inland (Root: Old Transvaal province)

    * velskoen(s) - traditional Afrikaans outdoors shoes made from hide

    * voetsek - get lost, buzz off, go away, run (rude, often considered profanity)

    * vrek - derogatory term for dead. (Original Afrikaans meaning for an animal dying).

    * vrot - rotten, putrid

    * vry - to make out. (from Afrikaans word for rub)

    * windgat - highty-tighty; highty and mighty; snobbish. (Afrikaans: wind hole)

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