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What does " Estoy Pensando en ti" and "Jamas Te Olvidare" means ?

And what does Jamas, Pensando, and Olvidare literally means ?

And does the word "vida" which literally means "life" can also mean like "sweetheart"

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    I'm thinking of you.

    I will never forget you.

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    Estoy pensando en tí: I'm thinking of you.

    Jamás te olvidaré: I'll never forget you.


    Pensando: Thinking.

    Olvidaré: Will forget.

    Vida: (Mi vida) My life / You're as valuable as my own life.

    Mi vida (my life), mi amor (my love), mi cielo (my sky).

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    I'm thinking of you - I'll never forget you

    jamás - never

    pensando - thinking

    olvidaré - I will forget

    Yes "vida" can be used as sweetheart. My husband call me "Mi Vida" and is like he were saying "Mi Amor" (My love or baby).

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    i'm thinking about you

    i'll never forget you...

    i think :D

    jamas - never

    pensando - thinking

    olvidare - to forget

    vida - liife

    vida can be used as in "you're my life" meaning you're the most important thing to me... so you could use it to translate an english expression containing sweetheart or honey ....

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    it means im thinking about you and i'll never forget u

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    it doesnt have any particular meaning.Dont worry

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