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特急英文作文範例_禮貌 (courtesy)或給意見如何發展

特急英文作文範例_禮貌 (courtesy)或給意見如何發展



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    英文論文名稱: A Study on Costomer Satisfaction of One-Stop Service in Administration-The Case of Company Register in Central Region Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs

    語文別: 中文

    論文頁數: 89

    關鍵詞: 單一窗口 ; 服務品質 ; 反應性 ; 平均數 ; 確實性 ; 有形性 ; 滿意度 ; 顧客滿意度

    Essentially, in developed and developing society, the demand level of service quality is raising when people’s living and education standards are increasing gradually in the meantime. As a result, the government agencies, actively or passively, would reorganize and establish the new operation packages to promote service quality. In order to put up the customer satisfaction, some of government agencies have modified traditional multiple counter/section procedures in complicated company registration to one-stop service (registration)station. Hence, the major research motivation is to find out whether the process change actually augument customer satisfaction. Further- more, the concrete objectives of research are to study Central Region Office’s, Ministry of Economic Affairs, new operation status(one-stop registration), customer expectation of service, the actual quality experience, the contents of satisfaction and make recommendations.

    According SERVQUAL measurement, summaried by Parasuraman, Zeitham &Berry, questionnaire was designed and sampled. Then, the study were accompliched with all significant definition of service quality dimensions(one-stop registration). After data collection and analysis, the customer expectation and actual experience at one-stop registration was measured out , and gap between expection and experience was assessed also. Finally, the following conclusions were drawn (1)In actual experience analysis of customer satifaction, the average of responsiveness, convenicence and courtesy are higher than relialility and tangibility . (2)Comparing the variations of polulation statistics, the major deviations of customer satisfaction are from responsiveness, convenience and courtesy.


    Source(s): 摘自全國碩博士論文網
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