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誰能幫我把棺材板介紹翻成英文呀! 急用~ 給15點>”<




棺材板是什麼東西,沒吃過的人常會這樣問。它是一種中西合併的美食, 事實上,棺材板只是將炸好的厚吐司麵包挖空,放入炒香的 麵粉、洋蔥、奶水、雞肉、墨魚、碗豆及紅蘿蔔做內餡即成。雖然如此,但吃 過的人莫不感到齒間留香、回味無窮。您知道吃棺材板的步驟嗎?先吃蓋子,再吃內餡,最後吃外皮,下次去吃時可別弄錯哦.

地址: 台南市中正路康樂市場180號「赤嵌點心店」

價錢: 40元




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    "Coffin" original"the chicken liver plank", because the features is similar to a coffin in choosing name formally in Year 48 of the Republic of China, is an a light repast that don't have special features in the mansion city Tainan.This delicacy by allow 61 Sirs to make use of the clever thought invention of a kind of in the delicacy of[with] the west merger, afterwards the method spreads to go out gradually, and becomes well-known delicacy a light repast in Tainan.

    Special features:

    Coffin is what, have never eaten of the person often will ask so.It is a kind of in the delicacy of[with] the west merger, in fact, coffin just will fry a good thick toast bread to dig empty, put go into fry joss-stick of the flour, onions, canned milk, chicken, cuttlefish, pea and radish do inside the farcing namely become.Nevertheless, but the person, who ate, feel the Chi stay joss-stick and enjoy in retrospect everlasting might it not be.Do you know the step that eats a coffin?Eat cover first, then eat inside the farcing, eat cortex finally, don't get mistake while eating next time.

    Address:The right path recreation market is "red Qian dessert store" on the 180th in Tainan City

    Price: 40 dollars

    Source(s): 不知有沒有翻錯 讓你參考 參考 Y^.^Y
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    棺材板 Coffin Bread(Kuan Tsai Ban)


    燒餅   Clay oven rolls

    油條   Fried bread stick

    韭菜盒  Fried leek dumplings

    水餃   Boiled dumplings

    蒸餃   Steamed dumplings

    饅頭   Steamed buns

    割包    Steamed sandwich

    飯糰   Rice and vegetable roll

    蛋餅   Egg cakes

    皮蛋   100-year egg

    鹹鴨蛋  Salted duck egg

    豆漿   Soybean milk

    米漿   Rice & peanut milk


    餛飩麵  Wonton & noodles

    刀削麵  Sliced noodles

    麻辣麵  Spicy hot noodles

    麻醬麵  Sesame paste noodles

    鴨肉麵  Duck with noodles

    鵝肉麵  Goose with noodles

    鱔魚麵  Eel noodles

    烏龍麵  Seafood noodles

    蚵仔麵線 Oyster thin noodles

    板條   Flat noodles

    米粉   Rice noodles

    炒米粉  Fried rice noodles

    冬粉   Green bean noodle

    榨菜肉絲麵  Pork , pickled mustard green noodles


    甘蔗汁  Sugar cane juice

    酸梅汁  Plum juice

    楊桃汁  Star fruit juice

    青草茶  Herb juice


    蚵仔煎  Oyster omelet

    棺材板  Coffin

    臭豆腐  Stinky tofu

    油豆腐  Oily bean curd

    麻辣豆腐 Spicy hot bean curd

    天婦羅  Tenpura

    蝦片   Prawn cracker

    蝦球   Shrimp balls

    春捲   Spring rolls

    雞捲   Chicken rolls

    碗糕   Salty rice pudding

    筒仔米糕 Rice tube pudding

    紅豆糕  Red bean cake

    綠豆糕  Bean paste cake

    豬血糕  Pigs blood cake

    糯米糕  Glutinous rice cakes

    芋頭糕  Taro cake

    肉圓   Taiwanese Meatballs

    水晶餃  Pyramid dumplings

    肉丸   Rice-meat dumplings

    蘿蔔糕  Fried white radish patty

    豆干   Dried tofu


    當歸鴨  Angelica duck

    檳榔   Betel nut

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