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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetInternet · 1 decade ago

Data stored on server and accessed by other PCs isn't it protected?

If quickbooks is installed locally and it accessed the data from a server located in the office and stores to the server in the offce, isn't my server protected even if I go on the internet at a PC station? I was told that data on the server can be modified, damaged, missing and so on if an individual PC is connected to it. Please explain. All of you have been great ! And, if this is true, what is the name of the virus.

Also, if an individual PC crashes or is infected - and Spybot is running, (as one of our other computers is doing), there are constantly pop up screens appearing - what does that mean? Another words does the Spybot software cause windows to pop up with warnings or can it run silently in the background?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    If you allow users access to data then it can be modified or damaged or it can go missing. This has nothing to do with a virus - it is caused by either user error or user (malicious) activity.

    If PCs are on the same network as a server then any virus infecting a PC will potentially try to spread to other systems on the network, including the server.

    If the PCs access the Internet and are compromised by viruses, trojans, spyware or keyloggers then it is possible that a hacker may access the PC and then access the server from there.

    However, if you never access the Internet from the server and clients only access a particular data store rather than the whole server then the risk of the system being compromised is greatly reduced (especially from spyware)

    Spyware does not cause windows to pop up. The point of spyware is to run silently in the background and send reports on user activity to somewhere else. If it alerted people to its presence then it would be removed.

    If a machine is infected with anything then it must be cleaned immediately the infection is detected. If it cannot be immediately cleaned remotely then it should be removed from the network and cleaned offline before it is reconnected.

    The important thing to remember is that you can reduce risk but you can never, ever be completely secure.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Server Security - it depends on how the server is setup. Is the data between the computers and the server in the office encrypted? Does the server have a firewall? Are the passwords being used "strong" (a password like: Sup3rS3cr3t instead of supersecret)? Are backups done on the server regularly? Are all the patches up to date on the server? There are many *potential* problems with the server.

    Spyware - If Spybot gives you a warning, it means a program tried to do something to your PC that concerned Spybot. Try running each of the following problems to verify you don't have a virus or spyware.

    Mike Honeycutt

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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  • schrum
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    4 years ago

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