Advertising rates for websites?

I am looking to put ads on my site eventually and wondering what are good rates. I hear there are both impressions and click through rates. I will have probably google adspace and also dedicated ad space for certain clients. is there a site i can go to to see regular rates? I realize I have to take into account number of hits (unique visitors) but I cannot find much info on this. thanks in advance!

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    I am the Business Development manager for You are looking for too clean of an answer. The rates very wildly.

    Here are some things to consider:

    1. What Google Rank does your site have?

    2. What industry are you in?

    3. What keywords does your site rank well on?

    4. Are you an ecommerce site, content site, blog, etc?

    5. What is in it for the advertiser?

    6. What is your site demographic?

    7. How well do your visitors convert?

    8. What are your competitors charging?

    9. How much would Google AdSense pay you on a CPC basis?

    10. and many many more.

    Put together a strong set of reasons an advertiser would want to buy space on your site. Do a lot more homework.

    David Payne

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    Well, if you are putting Search results ads up there, like AdSense, they will have to be relevant to the content on your site. And those are based on clicks. So whenever someone clicks on the ad on your site, you get paid the going rate of that ad. The marketplace is always changing for them, but the higher the profit that a company will make on the product (or related keyword) being sold, the more advertisers are generally willing to pay per click.

    I really don't know too much about banner ads on a site, but they the model is that you get paid based on how many impressions you serve, ie how many unique hits you are getting on your site. This is a little harder to implement, as you need to show potential advertisers that you get a lot of good traffic on your site, and they should therefore pay you. AdSense is nice because you can start getting ads on your site right away. Then all you need is the traffic!

    Source(s): A bunch of things - but mainly by experience from my site - :)
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    I used to sell internet advertising (just last month infact) and the prices vary widely. What you want to focus on in any advertising sales is the ROI to the client. If you get 1,000 pageviews/month and 500 are unique sessions, then you can say you have an audience of approx. 1,000 people with 50% being added every month. That will give you an approx value for the client. If the client's product sells for $100 ea. and they sell approx. 1 out of 10 lookers then they can potentially make $1,000/mo from your site. For an annual contract then it would be worth it for them to invest (since most businesses want to make bet. 2 & 6 times there money back ) $400/mo for these results. However you can ask for more if you can track how many contacts they get buy making sure they buy a "submittal" form that submitts the requests for services from your website via a form. check out and look at Ti Amos in the Rehearsal Dinner portion. Remeber the name of the game is how many potential viewers versus actual shoppers.

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    CPM and CPC are really the only rates. Those rates you put a bid in for it. So if you want to pay say 5 cents per click on a certain key word(s) then that is what you will pay unless the bid goes up. Yahoo is good for that and Google adsense too. You might want to check out They have a straight price for advertising instead of a click through rates.

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    in the experience that your rates are heavily greater much low-priced than maximum, then i could advise you place the expenses on the region. the main amazing reason web content do not checklist their promoting rates is that somebody would not undercut them. If their opposition do not know the fees, it makes it harder for them to compete.

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