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My husband is looking to go on a trip to Japan.....?

and we were wondering if anyone out there has gone recently. We need some price ranges for the total trip and if we need to get any types of vaccinations. Also, what time of the year is the best to go and what area to go to. Any information would be great. Thanks!

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    Season Special “Fall in love with Japan 2006”

    Famous "Momiji-gari" spots in Japan

    Just as spring in Japan is associated with cherry blossom viewing, autumn is the season for watching the trees turn beautiful shades of red, gold and yellow. "Momiji-gari" is the custom of making an excursion with friends, family or coworkers to see the leaves changing colors and perhaps have a picnic. Although it varies with latitude and yearly weather changes, the Autumn Foliage (Koyo) season generally lasts from October to November. Here are some of the more famous "Momiji-gari" spots.

    Lake Towada (Tohoku - Northern Japan)

    Best viewing spots & best time to go: Take a boat tour on the lake, or stroll along the bank from Katsura ga hama (Otome Statue) to Gozen ga hama - Mid October

    Access: 2 hr. 55 min. on JR bus "Mizuumi" from Aomori Station or 2 hr. 15 min. on bus "Towadako" from Morioka Station

    More info:

    Nikko (North of Tokyo)

    Best viewing spots & best time to go: Chuzenjiko Lake - Mid to late October; Ryuzu no Taki Waterfall - Mid to late October.

    Access: 1 hr. 50 min. from Asakusa Station to Tobu Nikko Station

    by Tobu Railway.

    More info:

    Hakone (Near Mt. Fuji)

    Best viewing spots & best time to go: Gora Park and the Hakone Art Museum - Early November; boat tours on Lake Ashi - Mid November

    Access: 40 min. by Shinkansen to Odawara Station, then 15 min. on the Tozan Tetsudo Line to Hakone Yumoto Station. Or, Odakyu Rail offers many different types of day passes

    to the region (For details, see

    More info on Hakone:

    Arashiyama (Northwest of Kyoto)

    Best viewing spots & best time to go: Togetsukyo Bridge, Hokyoin Temple, Rokuoin Temple - Mid November (Autumn Leaf Festival November 12)

    Access: Saga-Arashiyama Station, 20 min. by train from Kyoto Station

    More info:

    Koyasan (Mt. Koya, south of Osaka)

    Best viewing spots & best time to go: Danjo Garan (The central complex and main area of Koyasan) - Early November

    Access: Ropeway up the mountain from Gokurakubashi Station, 1 hour 20 minutes from Osaka's Nankai Nanba Station by Nankai Railway.

    More info:

    Momijidani Park (Miyajima Island, near Hiroshima)

    Best time to go: Mid November (Momiji (Maple) Festival November 17 - 23)

    Access: 26 min. by train from Hiroshima Station to Miyajima-guchi Station, a 10 min. ferry ride to the island, then a 20 min. walk to the park (near Misen primeval forest)

    More info:

    Please log onto JNTO's website for more in depth coverage of autumn foliage in Japan

    “My Journey” Best 100 Trips for Discovering Japan

    Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs gathered ideas from travelers and professionals and carefully selected 100 of the best trips that showcase Japan’s history and culture.

    Autumn cruise to Japan

    High Country Passage is now offering an autumn cruise to Japan. On this 15-day cruise, not only will you have a chance to visit places known for breathtaking autumn foliage, Kyoto, and Momijidani Park in Miyajima, but you will also attend workshops and demonstrations that will enhance your knwledge of Japanese culture.

    New daily English language tour at the Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto

    Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto is now offering daily English language tour led by a Shinto priest. The tour begins at 9:30am and is followed by a Shinto purification ceremony. Participants are also welcome to see a special exhibition of precious artifacts which are on display for limited time. The price is 500yen.

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    Japan that sounds like a fun place to visit and the best place to get a price range would be websites of the travel agencies and airports that you will be using for your trip. Or if they don't have a website just give them a call and ask the about this. The best time to visit would be Spring and Fall.

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    You do NOT need any vaccinations to come to Japan!

    For ticket prices, try eBookers or another online agent. It's simpler that way ...!

    King seems to have found the info for sightseeing - and I agree with the person who said summer is HOT! Spring and Autumn are very pleasant..!

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    I would not go in the summer - it is very hot and humid there. (Especially in the cities.) Most of the rest of the year is pleasant.

    There are one or two shots they recommend before going - but I can't recall what they are. (Since most of Japan is pretty civilized, it isn't like going to a third world country.)

    Have fun!!

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