Diabetes questions (read more..)?

I had some questions about diabetes (more specifically juvenile diabetes)

1. When taking insilin (prob. spelled wrong), what do they use? An actual needle?

2. What happens if they forget to take the insilin (again, spelled wrong probably)

3. What can't they eat or drink?

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    Insulin can be administered in different forms. There's the traditional injection by needle. Then there's the pump. There is an injection required just every three days (so there won't be infection), and then they came out with just recently with a spray insulin. I'm not sure exactly what is entailed with this, buy I'm sure you could look it up.

    If a diabetic forgets to take medicine, it will result in hyperglycemia. This is a rise in their blood glucose. It can be treated with more insulin based on a sliding scale ratio they've worked out with their endocrinologist.

    If a diabetic is on shots, their diet is more limited. As one on a pump, I eat whatever I like, whenever I like. I just have to take insulin to cover for it. While I was on shots, I pretty much ate whatever I wanted also because I was carb counting and not doing carb exchanges. The diabetic just has to talk to their endocrinologist and a nutrishonist (sp) to work out what is best for them.

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    Taking insulin does require using a needle (a small one) Some people that have very severe diabetes are sometimes given an insulin pump which uses a tiny catheter inserted into your stomach (it stays there all the time) with a small machine that is attatched usually on your belt or with a strap around your stomach area. (You do not see this unless the person actually shows it to you.)

    If a person forgets they usually get very light headed and shaky.

    Diabetics must watch their diet, not overeat and avoid foods or drinks which contain a high amount of sugar (juice, soda, etc..)

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    1. Yes, it's a very fine gauge needle which just injects a small amount of insulin under the skin.

    2. If they forget to take the insulin they develop very high blood sugar. This can make them go to pee a lot (every half hour when it gets bad) and make them feel really rough. Eventually they go into coma, although you have to be really neglectful to get into that condition.

    3. The only thing that is a real 'no' is processed sugar. Even that is allowed in small quantities in some diets. The trick is to make sure they get to know the carbohydrate content of all the foods, and know how much insulin to take to deal with it.

    There is a lot to learn though, and I would recommend that you find a good source of information.

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    I assume that you are talking about a child. There are alot of new products around for children now. they can actuaqlly have an insulin pump which delivers a set dosage at certain times. You need to provide food at the right time as well.

    If they need to inject the insulin there are many clinics where they can go to learn to do it themselves. There are also camps run especially for children with diabetes.

    Source(s): Living with diabetes.
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    1. Either a syringe, and yes with an actual needle, an insulin pump that requires a cannula...a type of "needle" that can be metal but usually teflon like...and recently there's inhaled insulin.

    2. If they forget to take their insulin their glucose will rise, their body will begin to break down fat stores and muscle in an attempt to get fuel (but the body needs insulin to get glucose, so it doesn't help much) and if insulin is not given they go in a ketoacidosis, ketones and glucose in high amounts make the blood acidic, and they go into a coma and die.

    3. They can eat and drink just about anything they want as long as they take the appropriate amount of insulin to match the carbohydrates eaten. Carbs are converted to glucose in the blood. Most stay away from high sugar items anyway.

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    1. some use the insulin needles some use the insulin pens and

    some use the insulin pump to do it.2, if they forget to take their insulin they will get really thursty and pee a lot and your blood sugar will get really high and they will probably go into diabetic keatosis then maybe a diabteic coma and if the docs cant fix it they will probably die. 3. they dont need to eat any thing that has a lot of carbs like real coke of surgary foods or foods that turn into sugar in the blood.

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