Delhi, India vs Dili, East Timor?

I want to know about these two places.

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    Dont use the word vs. in your question. They are two different places.There is no competition here. At least as yet!

    Delhi has a population in excess of 13 million, just a little short of the Netherlands-the most densely populated nation in Europe! It is a city with a long history- with a Moghal and Brititsh flavour adding to the charms of Indian heritage. Its architecture, vibrancy and culture are definitely worth experiencing if you are up to the challenge of negotiating its paths.

    Dili, though damaged by the militia atacks, is a city which is reviving itself. It has a lot to offer but it is not at all comparable to Delhi owing to their huge differences. Portugese era villas, beach roads and a lively waterfront add to the charm of this city.

    Both are Capital cities, as you probably know!

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