What is the 818 gateway?

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    "818" gateway is called the UV beam trigger event:

    In October 17, 2006 is the day of a strong cosmic ray of ultraviolet radiations, and that on that day mediations and prayers will take place all over the globe. Ultraviolet affects the crown chakra, which connects us to our spirituality.

    There is no scientific measurement of that will prove that this cosmic ray is indeed happening. The only measurement is your own knowing. Whether or not there is a cosmic ultraviolet ray, October 17 is still a great opportunity. Two planets of power, the Sun and Pluto are making a sextile that day, and millions of people around the world will be meditating and praying all day long. Hitch your star to those thoughts and prayers. It certainly doesn't hurt to join this cosmic human wave and wish for whatever you want that is for the good of humanity as well as your own personal good. The emanations that go out from human thought is a wave that I intend to be on.

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