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why no more electric cars? (EV)?

why what happened?

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    The electric car never went away. But the best battery technology for electric cars, called NIMH, was purchased by some big oil companies, who are refusing to license NIMH batteries for electric cars. This stopped the electric vehicle movement for several years.


    Now, however, a new battery technology for electric cars has emerged, the lithium-ion battery. And many new electric cars are in development. We may even start to see some of these cars in the next year or two. A sampling:


    From China: The Happy Messenger - only costs $10000, goes 150 miles per charge:


    Also from China: the BYD car, designed to be affordable, with a 250-mile range:


    The GEO EV, from Korea. It goes 155 miles on a three hour charge:


    Also from Korea. The ENERGINE Electric-Pneumatic hybrid.

    It runs on air and electricity. No gasoline:


    From Japan. The Subaru R1E. Charges to 90% in 5 minutes, costs under $18000:


    Also from Japan. The Mitsubishi Colt EV. It can charge in 20 minutes, and is priced under $20k.


    A chinese EV slated for import to the USA next year. It gets 200 miles/charge, and costs $28,500.


    The Tesla sports car:



    And if you don't want to wait - and if you don't mind not having the very latest technology, there are many small entrepreneurs doing electric car conversions right now, that you can buy for as little as $5000. Details are on this page:




    Don't believe what people might say about batteries. Even the old tech batteries (lead-acid) are very affordable. The battery pack in my EV costs under $1000, and lasts for 20,000 to 30,000 miles. That's only four cents per mile. Electricity to charge the batteries only costs one cent per mile. That's way, way cheaper than gasoline.



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    I'm not even entertaining the idea of a conspiracy by "big oil". The truth is that most consumers don't want a car that needs a day to charge and can only go for 40 miles on one. They don't want to spend several thousand on batteries or $30,000 to $100,000 for a car with limited range and capability. While even I disagree with this statement I just made; this is the perception that electric cars are up against. I have to admit that until they make electric cars that can compare with gas powered ones in range and refill time, they can deal me out. I only take my car out on trips that would leave an electric car stranded.

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    The EV-a million is long previous, and it incredibly is not any longer likely that GM will produce the Volt concept or the different such battery-powered vehicle pondering the great investment GM has in gas-cellular technologies that's a minimum of 5 years from production and in all probability 15 years to afforability. maximum hybrids and battery-powered autos are much extra environmentally detrimental interior the cradle-to-grave existence of a vehicle, and purely shift the factor of pollutants, no longer get rid of it. For now, gas cells are the final answer to a cleanser and extra effectual approach of transportation, yet till it incredibly is possible, a extra physically powerful environmental progression could nicely be made in adjustments to housing (50% human beings power intake), recycling, and extreme-performance gas and diesel autos. the final battery-powered vehicle at present on the industry is the Tesla, that's making plans to boost it incredibly is line to comprise a sedan:

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    I don't know about electric cars, I know that some of the car makers make hybrids, but as far as electric cars, if there are any, the reason that you don't see them is there's no demand for them, and if nobody is wanting them, why make or sell them.

    Even those hybrids that are out there don't sell that well.

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    General Motors pulled the plug

    Source(s): GM said so
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    there was never electric cars

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