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Ms Access Question?

Has anyone split a microsoft access database and tried too implement it over a wireless network (54mbps)?

Is there anyway I can increase the performance, as it keeps crashing and running very slowly (a lot slower than sharing the unsplit / complete database etc and dumping the whole thing in a shared folder).

Thanks for answers in advance


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    I work with access every day. I have a wireless network at home and often "share" the back-end over the network. I have never experienced this. What version of Access are you running? Have you tried compacting and repairing both the front end and the back end? When all else fails, create a new back end and import all the tables into it and use it. Do the same for the front end. Import everything into a fresh database. You will have to reset your start up settings and other items like that, but it gets rid of any corruption that may have creeped into your original.

    Good Luck! Contact me if you need more help.

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