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從歷史到現在 (2006年﹐唔計今個歐聯)

1. 入球最多的球員是誰

2. 出席歐聯最多的球員是誰

3. 最年輕的球員是誰

4. 最年長的球員是誰

5. 第一屆歐聯是幾時

6. 奪得最多歐聯冠軍的球隊

7. 進入歐聯最多的球隊

8. 歐聯種子隊的計算方法


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    1. 入球最多的球員是誰

    # 球員 國籍 累積入球 初次出席 歐冠年份 效力球會

    1 舒夫真高 烏克蘭 56球 1994年 基輔戴拿模、AC米蘭、車路士

    5. 第一屆歐聯是幾時

    1955/56 皇家馬德里 4 : 3 蘭斯 巴黎王子球場,巴黎,法國

    6. 奪得最多歐聯冠軍的球隊

    皇家馬德里 9 times

    8. 歐聯種子隊的計算方法

    The UEFA Champions league is open to the league champions of all UEFA member associations (except Liechtenstein, Andorra and San Marino), as well as to the clubs finishing from second to fourth position in the strongest leagues.

    The number of places in the competition depends on the association's rank in the UEFA coefficients table:

    associations ranked 1 to 3 have four positions,

    associations ranked 4 to 6 have three positions,

    associations ranked 7 to 15 have two positions,

    associations ranked 16 or lower have one position.

    An association's rank also determines the stage at which the clubs enter the competition. For example, the three highest-ranked associations have two places in the group stage (for champions and runners-up) and two in the third qualifying round (for third and fourth-placed teams), whereas the lowest-ranked associations have only one place in the first qualifying round for their champions. Nine highest-ranked associations have at least one automatic place in the group stage.

    An additional place in the group stage is reserved for the title-holders, in case they don't qualify via their domestic league. However, an association is limited to sending at most four clubs for a season. This means that if the title-holders come from a league given four positions, but finish out of the top four, it will take the place of the fourth placed team. The fourth placed team will go to the UEFA Cup.

    In addition to sporting criteria, any club must be licensed by its national association to participate in the Champions league. To obtain a licence, club must meet certain stadium, infrastructure and finance requirements.

    There was controversy when Liverpool won the competition in 2004/2005, but finished outside the top four in the Premiership. The Football Association ruled that Everton F.C. (who finished fourth) would get the final spot. However, UEFA came to an agreement that both Merseyside rivals would be allowed to enter the competition with Liverpool starting from the first qualifying round and Everton starting from the third qualifying round. Liverpool became the first team to negotiate all three rounds of qualification and reach the Champions League group phase, a feat matched by Artmedia Bratislava of Slovakia in the same season. Liverpool went on to become the first team to reach the knockout phase from the first qualifying round.

    Manchester United and FC Porto are the teams that have appeared most often in the group stages: twelve each. However, both Manchester United and Porto have only won the Champions League twice, Manchester in 1968 and in 1999, and Porto in 1987 against FC Bayern München and again in 2004 when they beat AS Monaco in the finals under the guidance of José Mourinho.

    Source(s): wikipedia
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