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My pet 叫mo mo.momo係個狗女.佢有short whit hair.佢睇落去好細,但佢好有活力.佢既品種係魔天使.


佢special thing係食朱古力果陣會整到自己好dirty.

我每日要俾食good-quality pet food,dog biscuits.間2-3要幫佢洗澡.每1年帶佢去檢查身體.

It is easy for me to look after maltese.

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    I have done some minor jugglings. I use she instead of it to describe your dog. It is more humanized, don't you think?

    Ny pet, Momo, is a female Maltese with short white hair. She looks small but energetic.

    Momo has a nice and gentle character. She is smart and is a fast learner. She could make people happy. When I am unhappy, she would make some lovely gestures to make me laugh.

    One special thing about her is that she makes herself very dirty after eating chocolate.

    I feed her with quality pet food and dog biscuits and I help her to bath every two to three weeks. I take her to do body check once a year too.

    It is easy for me to llok after a Maltese.

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    Two typos.1. My pet instead of Ny pet.2. look after instead of liok after

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    Mo mo is my pet, she is a girl Matlese with short white hair. Although she is in small size, she is very energetic.

    Mo Mo has a nice character and is very clever, she learns fast! She has a kind heart and know how to brighten your mood. When I am unhappy, she will do some cute gestures to make me happy.

    Something special about Mo Mo is that when she eats chocolate, she will make the chocolate all over herself and make herself very dirty.

    I feed her with good-quality pet food everyday, such as dog biscuits. I bath her every 2 to 3 days. Each year, I bring her to veterinarian for body check-up.

    Looking after Maltese is an easy task for me.

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    至於中朱古力毒的徵狀,會頻尿,心跳加速,嚴重流口水,嘔吐,腹瀉,再嚴重d 會昏迷不醒.

    所以千祈要小心防範狗仔吃到朱古力 .....


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