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652天:C.S.I 標題怎譯?及文中問字解?

Seven weeks after attackers using baseball bats 棒 beat 打 up (up 在動詞後常作怎解?完?起?) democractic Party legislator Albert Ho in Central, police have arrested five suspects 嫌疑犯. The arrests came after police faced great pressure to find those responsible for attacking the lawmaker in board daylight (in board daylight 怎解?)on a busy Sunday afternoon.

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    beat up 是 phrasal verb ,一般寫作: beat sb. up, 是比較informal (非正式的), 中文可解作:「不斷的拳打腳踢」

    in board daylight, 可譯作: 光天化日下


    in broad daylight

    If a crime is committed in broad daylight, it happens during the day, when it could have been seen and prevented:

    e.g. Thieves had broken into the car in broad daylight and stolen the stereo.

    beat sb up (phrasal verb) INFORMAL

    to hurt someone badly by hitting or kicking them again and again:

    He claims he was beaten up by the police.

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    beat sb. up 可解作,「不斷的拳打或腳踢」,不過此處可以簡單地譯作:「打」

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    至於 C.S.I. ,未知是否指: Crime Scene Investigation ,若果是的話,可考慮譯作:「罪惡實地調查/直擊」

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    不好意思,最後兩字打得不清楚:至於 C.S.I. ,未知是否指: Crime Scene Investigation ,若果是的話,可考慮譯作:「罪惡實地調查 / 直擊」 另外,我打錯了字:in broad daylight, 可譯作: 光天化日下

    Source(s): 字典Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary , 個人知識
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    Crime Scene Investigation: 犯罪現場調查

    七個星期前在攻擊者在中環用棒球棍打傷民主黨立法會議員何俊仁之後, 警察拘捕了五個疑犯。這次拘捕是在警察受到要找出那些在一個繁忙的星期天下午, 光天化日下對襲擊立法委員而需負責任的人之巨大壓力下完成.

    Source(s): 我自己譯, hope I can help. Good luck
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