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將於10月尾/11月頭到澳洲悉尼9天,有2天full day有朋友陪同一齊遊玩,另有5天是一個人獨自周圍去,而並不打算坐飛機去其它城市,想問

1)那2天full day join那些local tour 比較好玩及多野睇?大約多少錢?有那間local tour公司較好?

2) 那5天自己行在悉尼可安排什麼節目?

3) 有什麼餐廳推介?

4) 有咩特色野要去試,去玩,去食,去買?

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    1, Local tour in Sydney has a lot of differnet package. Full day tour you can try to join the Port Stephen, you can see the duphins and around the coast line in Sydney. or if you like wine tasting you can join the Hunter Valley tour, or go to Canberra. Or you may go to Blue Mountain to see 3 sisters. There are some sight seeing. The price is around AU$ 60-100.

    2, Another 5 days you can go around in Sydney, Olympic Stadium, Manly, Bondi, Taraga Zoo where you can see the Koala and City ( Town Hall, Cental, George Street, China Twon, Center Point, etc..) It should be a Sydney car show around that time.

    3, 4, Try the Fish market, plenty seafood, it cheap and very fresh, try the shop call Peter's, the salmon and oysters are so nice. Or try some resturant in Darling Harbour and The Rocks and Circular Quarry. If you want try Harry the wheels in Wolomoloo, it a shop which sell very nice hot dog and pies. At night you can go to Darling Harbour, there are plenty of resturants and bars. Very nice......... Star City( the Casino) is nice as well. There are few markets you can go too, but most of them are open on the weekend. Padding Market, The Rocks market, Paddy's market near China Town. They sell all differnets things in there.

    Actullay there are plenty things to do there, but I think if you are driving sround is better. You can choose where to go. But the public transport is quite good in Syd, you can take the train to go almost anywhere. If you go by train, you should get a weekly pass, so you can save more.

    It just too much to talk about, If you have more question, feel free to contact me:

    I lived in Syd more 13 yrs, so I know a bit in there.

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    1. it's depends on when you will arrive in Sydney. 因為好多唐人local tour只有星期六日先有團出發去其他地方,如果唔成團就要選擇australian 的city tour local tour.

    local tour 方面:有Blue Mountain--少量hiking 及看風景

    Canberra--首都, 坐成4-5hr車去睇國会及領事區, 勁悶

    Port Stephen-睇海豚, 果園 , 土著表演(u can choose to join 2 days tour)

    Wollogong --藍天寺, 浪花洞

    Hunter Valley--酒莊(可住農場) -can be 2 days tour

    china town 內之market city樓下有間叫金福旅遊, 多數唐人係度報名。

    2。五日其實好多時間,因為Sdyeny 唔多野玩,以下為自己設計之行程供參考, 有動有靜

    Day 1. Rocks Market (Sat & Sun先開) --Circular Quay 睇Art Gallery & 街頭藝人表演--- Opera House Internal guide tour ----爬Harbour Bridge (黃昏) ---Dinnar at Doyles ( (located at rocks/ circular quay) -----ANA hotel 頂樓lounge飲野( panoramic view of Sydney Harbour)

    Day 2. Bondi beach 'her' 下, 食雪羔飲coffee...and there is a steak restaurant called 'hog's breath steak cafe ' d牛扒好正, 又林又多汁又有肉味. 下午返city 行Queen's Victoria Building, David Jones, Graces bros百貨etc.

    Day 3. Take Light Rail to Fish Market, 狂食蠔及魚生,walk around Darling harbour , visit the Aquarium, and the newly launched WildLife zoo , Chinese Garden 再返去china town ...有時間可坐10mins bus to sydney University,,.傳統老牌大學影下相....夜晚再去Leichart (小意大利) Italian Forum (Norton Street)食意大利菜

    Day 4./ Day 5 Take the Train to Home bush Olympic Park or shopping at Paramatta. or join a local tour to somewhere..

    Food : try a french restauarant : The little Snail

    Open 7 days for Lunch and Dinner

    5 0 Murray St

    Pyrmont, NSW 2009

    (just at teh end of Darling Harbour shopping mall)

    我成日去食, 好正唔算貴, 蝸牛及袋鼠肉一定要試

    Source(s): self experience
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    1) you can join the local Chinese speaking tour... It's not very expensive, you expect them around 200HKD. There are many of these kinds of agents in China Town

    2) You can go around down town Syndey, eat seafood, go to Bondi/Manly Beach...

    3) There are many many good restaurant downtown, the seafood at the Syndey fish market is great!!! REMEMBER to eat seafood!!!

    4) mm... Go to the vinery (wine tasting) buy Koala toys... buy .... wine (you can bring back HK 2 bottles of Red wine) can get the wine at duty free shops near Queen Victoria Building.

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