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Tracking the Effectiveness Of Corrective Actions

If root cause analysis makes or breaks a quality improvement project, the corrective action tracking technique makes it complete. Hence, it is important to verify corrective actions and ensure they are effective. We can do this just by monitoring the reoccurrence of the same problem in subsequent periods. In our case, the root causes were identified by a unique process map code, so finding reoccurrence was as.

Easy as doing a simple search in the spreadsheet or database where the information was stored.

At the end of each month, the subject matter experts documented the corrective actions taken against each root cause that occurred more than once that month.

This information was stored in the root cause analysis matrix(Table3). After 60 days, these incidents were reviewed again by searching for reoccurrence of the same issues. Reoccurring issues are considered open items. And expansive quality plans or problem solving projects may be developed to solve them.

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    這裡...was as. Easy as doing a simple...應該是...was as easy as doing a simple...

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