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依據“統一發票使用辦法”第四章 第二十五條規定,向國稅局申請電子計算機統一發票時,應檢送下列文件:







三聯式統一發票: the triplicate uniform invoice

Update 2:


Update 3:

Article 25

In order to apply to issue uniform invoices by computer, business entities shall attach the following documents upon application:

Update 4:

1. A sample of the formatting of the triplicate uniform invoice.

Update 5:

2. A sample of the purchase, sales, and inventory list prepared in accordance with the accounting system adopted.

Update 6:

3. Sales management system operation procedure or manual.

Update 7:

4. General computer usage analysis chart.

Update 8:

5. The computer uniform invoice issuance implementation plan, including the scope and timetable of the plan, the names of business units covered, safety and security measures, and the formulas used to check digit calculation.

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    Based on "the unification receipt use means" the fourth chapter of

    25th stipulation, when applies for the electronic accounting machine

    unified receipt to Internal Revenue Service, should examine delivers

    the following document: First, 三聯式 model for painting of the

    unification receipt (provides Internal Revenue Service to make sample

    verification with) two, stocks with goods based on the SAP

    establishment, sells goods and the goods in stock detailed list

    detailed list (series printing leaves stocks with goods, sells goods

    and goods in stock form) three, the SAP work handbook (Chinese

    edition) four, the use electronic accounting machine equipment survey

    table (contains soft, hardware equipment) five, the implementation

    electronic accounting machine draws up the unification receipt plan

    book (implementation scope, prearranges plan progress, measure unit to

    be used name and prevents abuses of formula measure inspection number

    and so on)

    Source(s): 三聯式~這ㄍ語詞我不知道怎翻....sorry^^"..
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