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請問went over the top是什麼意思?

下面是紐約時報一篇報導How to Get to Carnegie Hall? First, Find a Car That Fits the Harp裡面的一段話,請問went over the top in courtesy是什麼意思? Then Jane was scheduled to play at a friend’s wedding while her Camry was in the shop getting another new radiator. The people at Mercedes-Benz went over the top in courtesy, lending us an R500 for the weekend. Jane slipped the harp in and out without assistance. The cargo area was so roomy that Jane thought two harps might fit. We enjoyed driving the back roads through Connecticut as the navigation system provided directions to the wedding. 如果需要上下文,請看下列網頁: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/15/automobiles/15HA...

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    went over the top是常用的成語,意思是「超乎尋常」。這裏是說賓士車行的服務人員超常地殷勤,借給Jane一輛車廂容量大到足以供她放豎琴的R500,作為她自己的車子在車行換新散熱器時的替用品。一般車行根本不會管顧客的急需,或頂多提供一輛同型的小車代步。另外還有一個形容服務周到的成語是﹕bend over backwards顧名思義這個動作非常人所能勝任,所以這句話形容的人是竭盡所能來做某事。例如﹕He bent over backwards to impress his new boss. (他竭盡所能地在新老板面前表現。)

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    bend over backwards





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