Can anyone generate a Porter Model and SWOT analysis for an investment / private equity firm?

Please help me with the tools and types of analysis which I need to do using the frameworks abovementioned. Ten points to the best answer.

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    1 decade ago
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    Use the SCP Model for the Industry analysis: Moderate bargaining power for suppliers and strong bargaining power for buyers. Financial institutions are fragmented yet competitive in nature, which practically begs for business from conglomerates. Investors would have a strong bargaining power since they have so much alternatives, not just in equities but other asset classes.

    S- would be cash and business building competence

    W- corporate brand and reputation

    O- Opportunities for investment in adjacent businesses

    T- Competition

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    This is really something you will want to pay more than 10 points for. Hire a consultant to show you how it is done properly and to make sure you have the right tools for the analysis. They will cost you, but they will also do a lot better job than one could here in a reasonable time.

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    not anyone can do this as someone with the proper training needs to help you. i sugest you find someone who is trained in this area to help you not just anyone

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