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Is hell real?

The bible speaks that hell is real. If you will say yes ,have you gone in hell?Probably you will answer me some verses in the Bible ,

aside from bible can you sight another proof?

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    Yes, hell is real, I've been there but then I got help for my addiction.

    You want to know who to ask if hell is real?

    Ask the child abuse survivor.

    Ask the child sexual abuse survivor.

    Ask the person being executed.

    Ask the person being executed and who is innocent.

    Ask the battered woman.

    Ask the poor, who must tell their children why there is no food.

    Ask the poor, who must watch loved ones die b/c there is no money for health insurance or even medical care where they live.

    Ask the parents of an infant or child whom they have to bury.

    Ask the soldier back from war, where he or she was on the front lines.

    Ask the person who is persecuted because of their political or religious beliefs.

    Ask the mentally ill.

    Ask the kid who is bullied in school.

    Ask the SPCA workers who see animals abused and tortured each and every day.

    Ask ANY addict, addicted to anything.

    Ask any prostitute.

    Hell is right here and right now!!! Help anybody get out of hell and you will find heaven, which is also here!!


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    I do not believe in it. About a week ago there was a show on the History Channel (USA) about the origins of the idea of hell and how it has transformed especially in Christianity/Catholic religion. The idea of hell in the Bible now is mostly just someone's creative mind more than the "word of God" Contributions also come from Egypt and Dante's Inferno. But hell to me means seperation from God

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    Hell does exist, but it is not exactly as one envisions. I view it simply as the just desserts for one's misdeeds in life. If you were a wicked and malevolent person, then you will suffer for your sins, just as you caused others to suffer. If you were weak in faith, you won't suffer as the wicked do, but your reward will be a different sort of pain: seeing the glory of Heaven, and realising that you can never get there. To such people, Hell will be a cold (but not freezing), dark, and lonely place, not unlike the Hades in which the ancient Greeks believed.

    But no one can know for certain if Heaven or Hell. It is better to believe, and do all one can to avoid the latter, and seek the former. If you are wrong, then you lose nothing at all. But if you do not believe that your misdeeds committed with impunity in this life will be repaid in the next... if your assumption turns out wrong, you will not be very happy at all. I personally believe that it is easier to believe in such places, and thus to use the goal of attaining salvation as motivation to be a good person, and not to do wrong unto others, no matter how angry you may be at times.

    The only time it may be 'justified' to do harm unto others is in defence of yourself, your property, or the lives of those who are dear to you. But even then, that is to be used as a last resort, when all other rational options fail.

    But I pray that you may never find out for yourself if Hell truly exists, but that you may find that Heaven is a place beyond man's most beautiful dreams.

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    which hell there is actually two

    one where you go when you die if you have not yet accepted the gospel called spiritual prison. it sort of a second chance before judgement day. this is the hell ussually spoken of in the Bible.

    the fire and brimestone is the guilt and anguish of your concience and soul. imagine a world that looks like a photo negative version of this life. and has a very bad feeling to it. (best I could describe it)

    the second which is after judgement to go there you have to have the knowledge of a prophet and fight against the gospel.

    example. have to talk to God and then reject him and his teachings

    only two I know who qualify are Cain and Judas.

    where the Devil and his demons will spend eternity

    no glory or energy of any kind, infinitly cold.

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    Christianity is based and supported solely by the Bible and our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is all the proof we need. Its all the proof you need too. Believe it or don't. It's your choice.

    May GOD richly bless you.

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    Only to those who believe in it or those that create hell on earth for themselves.

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    I have been there, and it's a lot more like the Egyptian version--no fire or flames, just a labyrinth filled with dogs attacking you

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    God's Word is all that's needed for proof.

    btw, by accepting Christ as my personal Saviour, I've purchased fire insurance...against the fires of hell.


    Praise Jesus

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    Yes it is real. I will not quote you any scriptures. I have not gone to hell (nor will I) because I'm not dead.

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    Hell is real. I've seen it myself.

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