compared to other cities is Prague a large capital?

compared to other cities is Prague a large capital? because my friends and i cant be bothered with public transport and want to walk everywhere instead

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    Although Prague has a population of around 1.2 million, it's actually a very compact city, particularly the city centre.

    I was in Prague this weekend, and we just walked everywhere for the most part. In fact, it's the best way to get around as the buildings (particularly in the Old Town) are so attractive that just wandering aimlessly around the streets is a very rewarding experience.

    You can easily walk up to the castle, around the little quarter, over the Charles Bridge, round the old town, Old Town Square, Jewish quarter, Wenceslas Square etc. without any problems, and the streets are all pretty safe.

    As with any big city, beware of pickpockets, and if you're a group of men walking around at night, you will get approached by guys trying to direct you to strip-clubs. Apart from that, you can just walk between restaurants and bars quite happily at night.

    As for public transport - you should only really need to use it getting into the city from the airport, or getting back to the airport (or use a taxi, or get a Cedaz minibus). But if you do decide to use it, the trams and metro (underground) are straightforward and very cheap.

    That said, we only used public transport when carrying heavy bags from our apartment to the left luggage lockers at the main station.

    Source(s): I only flew back from Prague on Sunday...
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    No, it´s not a large city. Everything is at hand and you can go everywhere walking; that´s that I did and could see almost EVERYTHING!!! I had checked the way to buy tickets for trams and buses there, but in the end I didn´t and walked everywhere; no problem. Public transport is fine, but it´s not worthy, as everything is near. At least everything which deserves a visit!! I mean the old town, the main square, the old castle... Of course if you want to visit places outside the city, like Karlovy Vary spa, you´ll have to go by bus but it´s an hour and a half ride.

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    I would compare Prague to Boston, St.Louis or Denver.

    Its smaller than Birmingham, probably the size of Glasgow or Edinburgh... ?

    I think 500 square kolometres, 1 200 000 citizens. A lot of bridges and 7 hills in Prague.

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    1 decade ago

    Over a million people live in Prague. It's comparable to Dallas, San Diego, Philadelphia, and Phoenix.

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    expensive Connor: Praha (Prague) is between the suited cities in Europe. I in basic terms flew back & i'm able to permit you comprehend, that it extremely is an stunning city. that's now my popular city to bypass to. The night existence & the means is Magical! i became out till 5am & people have been nonetheless dancing in the golf equipment. the persons are friendly & many communicate English. the girls people are pleasing! stable success~ have exciting!

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    London is 7.5 million

    Berlin 3.5 million

    Paris 1.2 million

    Birmingham 1 million

    Madrid 3 million

    Rome 2.6 million

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    1 decade ago

    Go to Teplice nice place which is not worse than Karlovy Vary

    It s like St.Petersburg and Samara,Russia

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    Everything is close and with Paris it's the best city in Europe.

    Source(s): Enjoy as much you can!!!
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    Compared to other European cities it is NOT very large. (Excluding Rome, the core of which is very small.)

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