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Who invented math? or better who invented algebra??

I have a report to do on who invented math and who are the most best mathematican! can u help me?

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    The Persian mathematician known to us as al-Khwarizmi -- from whose name we get the word "algorithm" -- is often credited as the "inventor" of algebra. In fact, many ancient civilizations developed some algebraic methods of solving problems, as far back as the Babylonians, but al-Khwarizmi is considered by many to be the "father of algebra" because some of his techniques on solving quadratic equations are still in use today. (Others point to the works of the Greek mathematician Diophantus.)

    Isaac Newton was one of the two inventors of what we now call calculus. (And he did start to dabble in alchemy at the end, but saying he spent the rest of his life working on it after inventing calculus might be a stretch. ;-) )

    If you're looking for the greatest mathematician of all time, Newton would be a good candidate, although Leonhard Euler is usually given that title. Check the article on him below.

    Good luck!

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      Al - Kharazmil was a pure Persian from the city of Kharazm in Khorasan in Iran / Persia. Unfortunately, for almost two centuries, both Persain and Jewish scientists had to publish their scientific discoveries in Arabic.

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    Who Made Algebra

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    Who invented math? or better who invented algebra??

    I have a report to do on who invented math and who are the most best mathematican! can u help me?

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    math: men.... human beings, as soon as they started to count (fingers, heads, apples, etc),

    algebra is just an abstraction of counting.

    the best mathematicians alive are too many to write here, but here are some nambes:

    Misha Gromov, John Milnor, Andrew Wiles, Grisha Perelman, Yasha Sinai, T. Yau, Gang Tian,

    among the dead ones: Euler, Hilbert, Lagrange, Newton, Leibnitz, Gauss

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    this is a VERY big question. as has been said, math was not really invented, it has developed since ancient civilisations as counting is inherent to human nature, much has continued from there. alot stems from ancient egyptian and babylonian/mesopotamian folk where we see ideas of advanced counting, for example, fractions (egypt), land segregation in mesopotamia (fractional areas/percentages). base systems other than decimal (e.g. sexagesimal, base 60) were used frequently, and indeed today for example minutes in hours etc. The greeks developed much of the basis for what we use today, including much work on geometry, number theory and a more rigorous treatment of mathematical proof (e.g. euclid's elements is a very important book). As has been said, the persian mathematician X (cant remember his name) is treated as one of the first. around that time, many problems were thought of involving words/sentences, but the algebra as we know it today was not formalised til hundreds of years after. Descartes, Fermat and Pascal are important names to look at. Best Mathematician?! well thats widely debated. Euler is often thought as one of them as he is certainly the most prolific, having written the most. still, the likes of gauss, archimedes, ramanujan, galois.......newton & leibniz ('creators' of calculus) etc are all of difficult comparison. the article below is a great source for history of maths. the main periods are: ancient (egypt/mesopotamia), greek, indian, renaissance (very important), modern. The modern era has focused on developing rigor in mathematics, and there are now thousands and thousands of different branches and literature is growing exponentially! also, modern development has led to many cross-disciplines, e.g. with computer science, physics......... hope that gives you a good start!

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    well Isaac Newton invented calculus and discovered his laws of motion over a six-month period. However, he spent the rest of his life studying alchemy trying to turn lead into gold.

    According to wikipedia:

    "he name Algebra (from Arabic: الجبر, al-jabr) is derived from the treatise written by the Persian mathematician Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Ḵwārizmī titled Al-Kitab al-Jabr wa-l-Muqabala (meaning "The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing"), which provided symbolic operations for the systematic solution of linear and quadratic equations."

    btw there's a reason our number system is known as the Arabic numeral system.

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