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GTA San Andreas? Last mission help?

i need help on the last mission "End Of The Line"

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    Before taking part in this mission you must go out and battle the Ballas and other gangs to win at least 35% of the territory in Los Santos, so get moving. You'd be surprised how many you actually need to take in order to get that number, if you haven't been working on it previously you're looking at between fifteen and twenty territories. Sweet will give you a call when you've got enough so don't bother going back and checking each time.

    When the mission begins hop on the bicycle and ride down to the S.W.A.T. van. You can try to shoot your way to it or you can just make a mad dash. Either way once you get inside drive it back to the crack house and smash right through the front. There's no reason to get out right away, use it to cream all the Ballas inside before you're forced to disembark and head through the door. You need to start making your way up floor by floor. On the first

    floor there's a few guys in the hall and some body armour at the end. Get ready for a huge firefight when you go through the nearby door. Crouch down and fire from behind a set of boxes. Run through into the small adjacent room and eliminate the two guys in there before ascending the stairs.

    On the second level before going through the door you can find a full health item in the room that overlooks the one you just fought in. Watch out for exploding barrels in the large drug lab on the second floor, use them to your

    advantage don't find yourself next to one that's being targeted. A full health item awaits at the top of the stairs (you have to run around the upper walkway) and the next set of stairs leading to the third floor. You'll find the same piece of armour you've come to expect. You need to watch your back in the lounge, not only should you check both left and right when going

    through the door, make sure the first guy you target is the one with the shotgun. In the hallway that follows the room with two couches, make sure to check both rooms that the guys in suits jump out of for a body armour and health refill. After this floor, it's time to go up and get Big Smoke.

    Big Smoke has some powerful body armour so you're going to need to aim for his head if you want to do serious damage. It's not really necessary if you're using something like an assault rifle, just blast away but make sure you take out his lackeys first. When the lights go out run to the corner and grab the thermal goggles, you'll also find a drink machine over there if you get thirsty during the battle. Eventually Smoke will go down and a scene begins, but it's not over, no sir. A countdown begins and the building is burning, no here's the classic predicament. You're given a time limit but enemies still populate the building. I'll tell you now that being careful and making sure

    it's safe before proceeding will still leave you with two minutes or so when you get out of the building, so don't go nuts and make a mad dash. Make sure you clean out each room before going any further and note that the body armour at the top of each set of stairs has respawned. When extinsguishing flames remember to aim at the base of the flame and don't swing it around, be consistent. If there are two sets of flames blocking a door you should only need to douse one of them to get through, exit the building for a scene.

    The final task is a chase, you'll automatically start in the car so chase after the firetruck. You don't need to attack it, in fact it's strongly

    advised not to, you'll have your hands full keeping up anyway. People around the city are throwing molotov cocktails like crazy but it's more of a light show than anything dangerous, you'll probably have driven through a hundred

    fiery explosions before the chase is up and your car will still be just as shiny. At some point you'll get a message at the bottom of the screen. Before the bar runs out you need to drive forward and get under the ladder so

    Sweet can drop into your car. Now it's a little change up and the very last thing you need to do is a little shooting on the back. Fire upon any cop cars that are chasing you, any bikes and such. Make sure to take out the two cops

    on the fire truck, when the one of them dangles from the ladder he's dead, you don't need to keep firing. After quite a chase assuming you've kept the cops at bay you'll be treated to a couple final scenes and then the credits roll.

    You beat the game. Good job!

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    Even the game Sanandreas is accomplished, the accomplished proportion is shown as some around sixty 4% or greater in accordance to the type you accomplished it. to end the finished game, i.e, to get one hundred% or a minimum of ninety%, we could desire to consistently finished some greater suitable missions like doing a sprint fireplace truck missions and doing a sprint prepare missions, you recognize that they take a exceptional form of time to end yet by utilising doing this you are able to finished the game. i attempted and accomplished 89%, with the aid of utilising doing all fireplace truck, ambulance paramedics, police, prepare, some taxi missions. finished a exceptional form of those missions till finally you're at twelfth point and that they are going to be over and initiate up lower back... by utilising doing this you earn fireplace information jacket, maximum well being, finished Armour , taxis get nitro respectively. I forgot to tell with regard to the snapshots, Oersted, horse shoes, spraying tags etc, even by utilising finding all of the 50 snapshots, 50 oerstead, 50 horse shoes, 50 tags you are able to finished the game to three proportion yet its least. there's a particular venture in case you have progression with mille, the venture is approximately robbing on line casino... on the different hand Vice city is akin to this in lots of components and there is the comparable interest to do. Do all of the greater suitable missions which you're able to do and the proportion will improve and it in simple terms approximately attain ninety%. And thats it, you're executed by utilising finding on your endurance to end the game.

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    All the help you need is located in one place


    3. *End of the Line* (555IXd3)

    Difficulty: 5.5/10

    Here we are people. The final mission of the game. It's been a hell of a

    run, spanning just over 100 missions. It all comes down to this. Sweet and

    CJ are ready to ride on Big Smoke, so drive over to his crack factory

    through the riots. When you get there, you find out that you thankfully

    don't have to protect Sweet through all of this. Get a vantage point of the

    SWAT unit and start picking people off. When you can't get any more clean

    shots, run in guns blazing until everything is down. Take the SWAT tank

    and ram it through the crack house. Run over to the door to start the main

    part of this mission. NOTE: This is the only time you can ever get the SWAT

    tank in this game. If you want to play with it, save it now.

    There are four floors to get to Big Smoke. The first is the Security Area.

    There are body armor and health pickups through these floors, but you

    should conserve them. Go as far as you can without picking up armor, then

    run back and grab it. As you enter a room, scan it for vantage points and

    key threats. Some rooms have a shotgun toting thug. These are not your

    friends, and you should wipe them out first. If there's a group of them,

    take them out with some molotovs. Otherwise, get behind cover and pick each

    enemy off one by one.

    The second floor is the drug lab. You can take out the explosive barrels

    here to save yourself some trouble. The drug lab has a lot of people on

    higher ground, so concentrate on what's on the floor before you start

    aiming up top. Follow the upper catwalk around to get to the third floor,

    the Ballas Lounge. There are a whole lot of Ballas here and most of them

    are behind closed doors. As soon as you open a door, target and blast

    something. A lot of them have some heavy weaponry. After you get to the

    statue of Big Smoke, you're almost there. Pick up the armor and health in

    the adjacent rooms before you confront Smoke.

    You can plainly see that Smoke is wearing Body Armor, so realize that it

    takes a lot of shots to take him out. The lights will go out, but follow

    his red marker with your crosshairs. Put a few clips of M4/AK ammo, with

    maybe a side of molotovs to take Smoke down. Once he's down, your best

    friend walks up behind you. After Tenpenny rushes out of the building, a

    timer appears. You have seven minutes to fight your way out of a burning

    crackhouse, probably with very little life left after all of this. For this

    part, you will need to be fireproof. I don't care if some people pulled

    this off by actually using the fire extinguisher; it's just not worth it to

    try. If you're fireproof, just do a room-by-room shootout with the

    nightvision goggles constantly on. As you run through the rooms and stairs,

    constantly scan for enemies around you. You can run out pretty quickly, but

    there's always a roadblock somewhere. Once you finally get down to the

    first level, you get to watch Sweet latch on to the ladder of Tenpenny's

    escaping firetruck.

    Edit: Yes, it IS possible to put the fires out and side step your way

    through the fights. However, it is far more safe, and far easier to spend

    the thirty minutes and do the firefighter missions.

    The first part of the chase is just that--a chase. You can't catch the

    firetruck, but stay on it. When the cop starts smashing Sweet's fingers,

    then you can pull up behind the firetruck and let Sweet drop. When he takes

    the wheel, it's Just Business all over again. Shoot cops off of the

    indestructible firetruck, then focus on the squad cars behind you. Go for

    the drivers, then the cars. When motorcycles appear, take them out quickly.

    If a car pulls along side you, do the same. After about a minute and a half

    of this chase, Tenpenny loses control of the firetruck and crashes over a

    bridge, right into Grove Street. A death caused by a traffic accident in

    the riots...what a shame. Sit back, crack a beer, and watch the credits.

    You've just completed the storyline of one of the greatest games ever

    created. God bless you Rockstar.

    Reward: Respect earned.

    You also receive an additional $250,000 for completion of all missions.

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