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Should Life mean Life for serious offenders ?

Should life mean life for serious offenders - or does anyone have any better soloutions, to keep the public safe.

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    Life should mean life...the only way they should ever leave thier prison is in a body bag. Maybe if the criminals thought that thier punishment would be severe, not just a slap on the wrist less crime would occur, as it is you can home in 2 yrs, murder home in 10., molest a child....1yr or probation, but hey! Be late on a traffic fine or harrass your neighbor, and your looking at just as long.

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    Yes I think that life for repeat offenders is good.I mean cause most of these murders could have been prevented if the killers would have stayed in jail. I can relate to the victims families. My friend was killed in 1997 and they have no leads.An I know sometimes the jury lets them off but come on if the guy or girl killed more than once you know hes going to do it again.

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    No it should not.

    In fact people are REALLY unlikely to commit any violent crime after the age 30. And the rate goes almost to ZERO at age 40. So what is the point of overcrowding prisons with people who will NOT re-offend?

    The way to keep public safe is to stop enforcing laws that do not harm the public like drug laws and prostitution laws, and instead FOCUS on prosecuting real criminals who DIRECTLY harm people.

    Putting stoners and whores in jail does not make me safer.

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    The Offenders need to be afraid. Only death penalty or troubles to their dear ones will desist them.

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    Life is not life-it is 25 years or less.

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    Yes. Most of these people will not have a snowball's chance in hell of becoming rehabilitated.

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    Hell yeah throw all of them in Alcatraz and be done with them. Bread and water of course and no TV.

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    YES!!!! serious offenders live to ruin others lives I don't see why we shouldn't ruin theirs.

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    yes for sure

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