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URGENT!! Nokia PC Suite Restore/Backup problem

I backup the content (messages, contact, photos ...) from my nokia 6280

Can i restore the content using PC Suite to another phone??

The new phone is NOT nokia, it is Sharp. Can I ???

Or only can restore to nokia phones???

thanks thanks much!!!

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    If you backup the data for your 6280, it is only capable to restore all the backup content to 6280 instead of the other models. As N6280 is a S40 handset, most of the S40 handsets are allowed to restore up to 80% of your orginial backup. Of course, it depends on the memory size of your target restore handset and other compatability issue. SMS, MMS and emails are unable to be restored to other models. If you want to restore the backup into a S60 handsets (such as N73, N80, N70), it may only allow you to restore the calender, contacts and some kinds of multimedia files due to the difference of the OS. To be reminded, downloaded or copyright protected files such as mp3, graphics and themes are unable to be backup due to the copyright issue. In addition, all backup data is only compatible to be restored in Nokia handsets only and there is no method for you to extract the backup details and restore to the other brand's handset. If you just want to backup your contact, it is suggested to firstly synchronize it to your Microsoft Outlook. Afterwards, you may synchronize it back to your brand new handset.

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