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 明報集團主要從事報章、雜誌及書籍出版,並經營互聯網及旅遊業務,公司自一九九一年三月二十二日起在香港聯合交易所上市 (股份代號:685) 。一九九五年十月,馬來西亞丹斯里拿督張曉卿家族擁有之常青集團屬下之 Conch Company Limited 正式收購明報企業有限公司,並由丹斯里拿督張曉卿出任公司主席。

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    The main readers of reader's "bright newspaper " are middle class, professional personage, the policymakers of the manager and enterprise. They usually have higher incomes and education degree, is very important readers of one of them of Hong Kong. So, a lot of advertisements of issuing the political views, all publish in " bright newspaper ". " bright newspaper " is more newspapers subscribed of Hong Kong educational institution too. The school of Hong Kong often classifies " bright newspaper " as the compulsory newspaper to order , and " bright newspaper " is also often offered to student very favourable and hold the activity.

    The brief introduction of bright chairman of limited company of newspaper enterprise of the group takes redly for a dawn then minister's bright newspaper group is engaged in the newspapers , magazine and book publishing mainly, and managed Internet and tourism , the company was listed on exchange union of Hong Kong since March 22 , 1991 (code name of the share : 685). October of 1995, Malaysia enterprise takes Conch Company Limited which superintends and directs an evergreen group subordinate that there are minister's families dawn to purchase bright limited company of newspaper enterprise s redly formally then, and is taken and superintended and directed redly then for a dawn the minister takes the post as company's president.

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    The main readers of reader呢個's &quot應該係Mingpao~

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