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    ( ) Ghost Note

    A ghost note is a faint note. When a note is ghosted, its dynamic is automatically set to "mp" (mezzo piano). The note is displayed between round brackets on the tablature.

    Warning: Other tablature writing conventions use round brackets to indicates ties. Ties are displayed differently in Guitar Pro.

    The best description of a ghost note, is a note that is felt but not heard. You will play the note softer, and without emphasis. The note is usually in-between 2 parentheses. In addition, notes in parentheses could mean optional notes. For instance, if a particular riff is repeated, but sometimes the guitar player throws in some additional notes, those additional notes may be in parentheses. Do keep in mind the use of parentheses for bent notes as well.

    Another common answer to this question is that "ghost notes" are artificial harmonics. These are harmonics that are generated by picking a string with both your pick and your thumb. This causes the note and a harmonic (an octave above the note) to sound. It can be done on any guitar, electric or acoustic, although most people are familiar with this through the electric. Depending on your tone settings, amp and effects, it can be quite an intense, eerie sound.

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