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Pulling heavy suitcase all day in the summer is hard work, especially when you are a thin 14-year-old. That was me in 1940-the youngest and smallest baggage boy at New York City’s Pennsylvania Railway Station.

After just a few days on the job, I began noticing that the other fellows were overcharging passengers. I’d Like to join them, thinking,“Everyone else is doing it.”

When I got home that night, I told my dad what I wanted to do. “ You give an honest day’s work,” he said, looking at me straight in my eye.“They are Paying you. If they want to do that, you let them do that.”

I followed my dad’s advice for the rest of that summer and have lived by his words ever since.

Of all the jobs I’ve had, it was my experience at Pennsylvania Railway Station that has stuck with me. Now I teach my players to have respect for other people and their possessions. Being a member of a team is a totally shared experience. If one person steals, it destroys trust and hurts everyone. I can put up with many things, but not with people who steal. If one of my players were caught stealing, he’d be gone.

Whether you’re on a sports team, in an office or a member of a family, if you can’t trust one another, there’s going to be trouble.




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    A coach shares his story and the life lesson he learned through the summer job he once had when he was a young boy.

    簡短有力的 summary 喔

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    歹勢and 要改成 about 才對A coach shares his story about the life lesson he learned through the summer job he once had when he was a young boy.

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    這種字數的文章我的summary 剛剛好再多說, 就沒意義了我不知道這是不是你的作業也不知道是不是老師有要求字數如果是的話, 很抱歉, 我無法幫你我只針對你的問題提出我認為最好的解答這種問題在美國, 老師要的就是我寫的

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