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我們的英文老師出的作業是下列文字翻成英文:(法新社印尼雅加達二十五日電) 領導地震災區重建的印尼建築師普拉沃托今天說,如果災區民宅是以竹子或其他有彈性的建材組成,許多人也許能逃過上個月的致命地震。 普拉沃特與重災區無家可歸的生還者合作重建。他將巨大的傷亡數字歸咎於不良的建築技術。上個月的地震搖憾了中爪哇及日惹。 他告訴法新社說:「這場地震中有許多罹難者,死因都是遭到倒塌的磚牆壓斃。」 這場規模六點三的地震造成五千八百萬人喪生,傷者達四萬人,並在人口稠密地區摧毀或損壞近六十萬棟民宅。這次地震災區如同大部分印尼地區一樣,面臨經常性大地震的威脅。 普拉沃特說,許多遭到摧毀或損壞的民宅都是水泥磚造,特徵就是少有強化措施,可以抵擋地震震波。 日惹一家書店及多家民宅依照普拉沃特以木材為主的設計建造,是他在抗震建築方面的第一項實驗。這些建築都毫髮無傷地躲過五月二十七日的地震。 他說:「木造建築有彈性,可以吸收震波。地震發生時,有推及拉的力量。每一個接合處都應該能抵擋這種力量。」

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    Our English teacher leaves the work is the following writing turns English:(Agene France Presse Indonesia Jakarta on 25th) leads the earthquake disaster area reconstruction the Indonesian architect pula fertile request to say today if the disaster area residents are by the bamboo or other willowy building materials composition, Perhaps many people can run away the previous month fatal earthquake. Pula Worth and the victimized persons homeless survivor cooperate the reconstruction. His Jiangju's big casualties numeral puts the blame on not the good construction technology. The previous month earthquake has disturbed Java and the date annoys. He tells Agence France Presse to say that, “This location epicenter has many people who perish, The cause of death all is encounters the collapse the brick wall pressure to execute.” This scale 6.3 earthquakes create 58,000,000 people to get killed, The wounded reaches 40,000 people, And or damages the near 600,000 residents in the dense population area destroy. This earthquake disaster area is similar to the majority of Indonesian area to be same, Faced with regular big earthquake threat. Pula Worth said, many encounters the destroy or the damage residents all is the cement block makes, the characteristic is the unusual strengthened measure May resist the earthquake seismic wave. The date annoys a bookstore and many residents according to pula Worth by the lumber primarily design construction Is he in the earthquake resistance construction aspect first experiment. These constructions all long and fine hair send without the wound have hidden May 27 earthquake. He said that, “Wooden makes construction willowy, May absorb the seismic wave. When the earthquake occurs, has strength which extends to pulls. Each seam all should be able to resist this strength.”



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