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英國倫敦的Oyster和Young Person Card

請問一下兩種卡:Oyster 和 Young person card

我現在住英國倫敦使用Oyster photo student card


"Oyster cards with Travelcards are valid on Tube, DLR, tram and National Rail services within your chosen zones and across the entire London bus network.

Oyster cards with Bus Passes are valid across the entire London bus network and on trams.

You can also use Oyster to pay as you go on Tube, bus, DLR, tram, and some "


那如果我需要經常離開倫敦到其他城市旅遊的話,是否就不需要辦理Young person Railcard了呢?

還是說也要辦Young person Railcard呢?



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    Oyster is for Greater London. YPR is for all of UK.

    So Oyster will give you discount on Local (South East) British Rail, but not for long distance journey to rest of UK.

    You should buy YPR if you want the maximum discount.

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    跟你說,長途火車票, 你用YPR 買一次省下的錢就已經 賺回來了. Oyster省到 Zone 6 那一小段而已.給你參考: Young Person's Railcard (YPR) =£20 London-Glasgo saver return票 £94.10 (YPR折扣後變 £62.10)London-Birmingham saver return票 £36.20, YPR折扣後變 £23.90注意: 有時候 2x Single票最便宜. 網上買: www.thetrainline.co.uk

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