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What are some large health insurance companies, I am 23 and need to buy health insurance for the 1st time?

Are there any good affordable plans, any recommendations will help, thank you

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    Here is Ward's top 50 health insurance companies:

    2006 Ward's 50 Top Performers -- Life-Health Companies

    (listed alphabetically)

    Aetna Life Insurance Company


    AIG SunAmerica Life Insurance Company

    Alfa Life Insurance Corporation

    Allstate Life Insurance Company

    American Fidelity Assurance Company

    American National Insurance Company

    Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

    Amica Life Insurance Company

    Auto-Owners Life Insurance Company

    Beneficial Life Insurance Company

    Cincinnati Life Insurance Company

    Combined Insurance Company of America

    Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company

    Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company of Michigan

    Federated Life Insurance Company

    Fidelity Investments Life Insurance Company

    Genworth Life Insurance Company

    IDS Life Insurance Company

    Jefferson-Pilot Life Insurance Company *

    John Hancock Life Insurance Company

    Liberty National Life Insurance Company

    Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company

    Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

    Midland National Life Insurance Company

    Minnesota Life Insurance Company

    National Life Insurance Company

    National Western Life Insurance Company

    Nationwide Life Insurance Company

    New York Life Insurance Company

    Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

    Pacific Life Insurance Company

    Pekin Life Insurance Company

    Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

    Physicians Mutual Insurance Company *

    Primerica Life Insurance Company

    Protective Life Insurance Company

    Security Benefit Life Insurance Company

    Sentry Life Insurance Company

    Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company

    Standard Insurance Company

    Symetra Life Insurance Company

    Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America

    Thrivent Life Insurance Company

    Union Security Insurance Company

    United Healthcare Insurance Company

    United Life Insurance Company

    Unum Life Insurance Company of America

    USAA Life Insurance Company

    Western & Southern Life Insurance Company

    It is a good idea to check with a qualified insurance agent before purchasing a health insurance policy. Health policies can get very complex and can hidden coverages/non-coverages. Try going to This web site will allow you to compare prices and find the best price and coverage. It is free of charge and they even give you the option to speak to local agents if you have questions.

    I hope that helps!

    Ron @ InsureMe

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    I might suggest that you try this site where you can compare rates from different companies: http://INSURE-HELP.COM/index.html?src=2YAzhajmMB07

    RE :What are some large health insurance companies, I am 23 and need to buy health insurance for the 1st time?

    Are there any good affordable plans, any recommendations will help, thank you

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    Do you have a job where you can get health insurance through your company? Mostly likely that's your best bet, since any decent company will cover at least part of your benefits. If not, call your doctor's office and try to get some information from them--like which companies are best for them to work with and cover the most. I've had PacifiCare and Blue Shield and have been happy with both of them. Opt for a PPO instead of an HMO if you can afford it; even though you are young and most likely healthy, you want the best coverage and flexibility should you really need it.

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    There are many good health insurance carriers in the U.S.

    One way to compare plans is to request a free quote from a respectable online health insurance quote provider.

    That way you can compare plans and rates from the leading health insurance companies at one time, instead of going to each individual company, one-by-one.

    Two of the leading health insurance quote provider services are:

    1) InsureMe - they give you up to five free health insurance quotes from top-rated health insurers nationwide.

    2) offers you side-by-side quote comparisons from a large network of health insurers across the country. eHealthinsurance has more than 900,000 clients in the U.S.

    I hope that helps you find and compare some affordable plans for health insurance.

    Remember to look into what the pre-existing exclusions are on your policy, if any. Also, compare different rates with different deductibles / Co-Pays depending on what you can afford to pay out-of-pocker per claim.

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    Farm Bureau insurance. you have to become a member and then all of their products are available to you. my friend had to obtain health insurance for her 19 year old son and got a policy with them for $120 per month! it is really good insurance too.

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    Blue Cross & Blue Shield is one of the big ins.companys, but, to buy directly from any ins. company is VERY expensive.

    Your BEST bet is to get a job where you EMPLOYER provides the insurance and they take so-much out of your ck. each pay period. If your single they have a "Single" plan or if your married with a spouce and kids, then they will have a "Family" plan.

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    For free insurance quotes

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    Kaiser is a good deal,Blue sheild offers the best coverage.At your age if you go with a PPO ,opt for a higher deductable and save on premiums.

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