Liability Insurance?

I have a small business and I want to know who do I talk to about getting liability insurance for my business? What kind of insurance broker do I talk to?

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    Your situation is kind of tricky.

    It is a non-profit social service agency (I looked at another one of your questions).

    The days of the insurance 'generalist' are gone. You should talk to someone who insures social service agencies (or similar businesses / non-profits) for a living.

    There are such people.

    I own an independent insurance agency. We do insurance for construction / contractors.

    I see, though, stuff in our trade mags for insurance companies that are looking specifically to insurance social service agencies. No kidding.

    I would do this:

    Google it.

    I just did and I found this:

    This first one looks awesome:

    Here is another place:

    That Rough Notes article is a thing of beauty (first one above).

    But it is for agents - it lists companies and intermediaries that agents can contact. I would call them and tell them your situation and that you would like to know the name of some agencies (in your state) that are specialists in insurance social service agencies. Some of the companies/intermediaries listed may have websites that have a 'find an agent' feature also.

    If you want more, keep Googling - also track down and check out the websites of insurance agent trade mags:

    Independent Agent

    Rough Notes

    Best's Review

    DO NOT go with anybody who says "we do it all". Or if any of their advertising indicates that.

    That means they are real good at nothing.

    It's hard to even be real good at one or two things - it is a very complicated business. (commercial insurance, that is).

    Source(s): 14 years as independent insurance agent, 10 years as agency owner - all commercial insurance.
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    You'll want to speak to a 'commerical lines' insurance agent or broker.

    An agent generally just sells insurance to you. While they can answer most of your questions, many people find they get more from a 'broker'.

    A broker sells insurance like an agent, but many provide a more comprehensive service because they do an overall risk assessment of your business. They take a more detailed look at what you do....can suggest ways of cutting your risk profile....and then can shop around your insurance to the best possible company for your risk profile and come up with a coverage mix that suits your needs. While most brokers do the risk assessment for free, they get paid by the company for getting the business to it.

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    Find an Insurance Broker that handles 'Commercial Insurance'

    Phone around / check yellow pages

    Don't forget to get your business listed by supplier of products as co-insured. This would be where products you sell/supply can pose a danger. (eg: electrical products)

    Good Fortune to You!

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    Look up your local Independent Insurance agents, Call the States Better business Bureau to find out which ones are good and then contact one of them. They work form a large base of several companies and should be able to help you out, and get you a good price.

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  • Pamela
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    4 years ago

    how much does it cost in maryland county for general liability insurance for 50 people to attend training for one day

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    One that handles business insurance.

  • 1 decade ago

    start with your personal insurance agent. Most independent agents write all kinds of insurance, life, health, business, auto, homeowners, etc.

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    Just look in the phone book or call your car insurance guy maybe he does it.Good Luck

  • s2scrm
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    1 decade ago

    Call Armstrong Robitaille in Orange, CA.

    I used to work for them. They ask a hundred questions to determine your risk profile, and only sell you the insurance you need.

    Even though they fired me, they are a very good brokerage.

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    any agent should be able to help you...just look in your yellow pages...

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