where do I find parts for a very old kresky floor furnace model #46 f, d?

The part is the off, pilot, burn control knob

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Robert Shaw made probably 90% of the gas control valves for floor furnaces. I imagine that's what you have. You could go to an hvac supplier and maybe order it, but you may be better off calling a few appliance/furnace repair places and ask if they have any. These floor furnaces are rapidly becoming obsolete and so are repair parts. A few companies still manufacture the furnaces, but the prices have risen so much that's it's more sensible to install a FHA furnace. I still have a few of these old floor furnaces and they're working OK. I pretty much had to learn how to repair anything on them that broke since very few people still service them. They're really very simple machines and I think I can make them last forever as long as they don't rust away. My tenants turn off the gas in the summer to save the $9 service charge. These furnaces need that residual heat from the pilot light to keep them from rusting. I've since installed gas water heaters to discourage them from turning off the gas.

  • 6 years ago

    Where can I find the vision window that sits on the top of the floor heater so you can see the pilot light?

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