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DVI vs HDMI cables?

My LCD TV has a DVI input. Is there a difference between HDMI and DVI? I am confused to which cable to buy.


like i said, my LCD TV has a DVI input. I will connect it to my SAT box. Which cable do I buy? Do both HDMI and DVI fit in the same slot?

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    HDMI cables can carry audio as well. As for the picture, there's not a lot of difference. If your DVD player has an HDMI output but no DVI input, you can get adapters for like $30 so that you can plug your DVI cable into your HDMI DVD player.

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    I believe that the DVI to HDMI conversion is completely loss-less, meaning that you would see absolutely no change. This holds true UNLESS you are broadcasting signals at a higher resolution than 1200P using Dual-Link DVI (such as with a previous-gen MacBook Pro). To recap, since you are using regular DVI, though, and are only broadcasting 1080P, you will notice no change. I hope this helps your situation.

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    No, they do not fit in the same slot. If you're SAT has DVI output, and your LCD only has DVI input, then simply use a DVI cable. There are adapters, but no sense in buying one if you don't have need one.

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    HDMI and DVI slots feed true digital signal to your TV instead of analog inputs. Both of tyem are good in terms of picture quality. If you like to connect your PC/laptop to your TV then get the appropriate cavle. To answer your question both the cables are good.

    Source(s): i am a Signal processing and wireless communications engineer
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    HDMI is the only way you will transfer true HD 1080P Picture Resolution. BLU-RAY is HDMI, 1080P is truly amazing. HDMI ALL THE WAY

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    Get an adapter cable as its cheap and will solve both your issues.


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    Try this link for better understanding.

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