Question about Oil Paints?

I have some really old oil paints that are in tubes. Some of the tubes busted open towards the bottom. Are these oils paints still good if they are still soft enough to paint with? How long do oils paints last? Can I put them in an air tight container if the tubes are leaking? Thanks for any help with this question.

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    Oil paints take a LONG time to dry out. If the paints are still soft, they will still be functional. Some paints may dry out a bit sooner, but based on the fact that a somewhat thickly painted oil painting can take months to dry, I can imagine that a tube of paint would take much longer. The condition the paints are stored in can also determine how long they will take to dry out. (Damper environments will prevent drying).

    There are also mediums that can be added to oil paint to extend its drying time, but that is usually best to be avoided because oil paints do take forever to dry usually on their own.

    As far as further storange, it may be good to put them in another container to prevent a mess because oil paints can be a pain to clean.

    Good luck with it!

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    Oil paints never truly dry out. They just become less soft over time.

    So sure, your paints are fine if they are still soft enough to paint with.

    For the tubes that leaked, keep the paint from contact with air. It will not help to put them in an air tight container, because the drying is not from evaporation. Wrap plastic (i.e. Saran Wrap) right over over the end of the tube, so the paint contacts plastic and not air.

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    You can thin them out a bit with some turpentine, but make sure you are working in a well ventihilated area. Wrap what you have left in ziplock bag and store in an air tight container.

    Source(s): Learned this in art class.
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