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oblivion swords?

where are some really good one handed swords in oblivion elder scrolls

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    The Umbra sword (which you can take off Lenwin/Umbra after killing her) has a most excellent Soul Trap spell on it and is widely considered to be the best sword in the game. Umbra can be found in Vindasel, an Ayleid ruin southwest of Waterfront. She can be rather hard to kill though, as she tends to be vastly higher in level than the player character.

    If you purchase the Mehrunes' Razor add on you have access to the dagger Mehrunes' Razor, which is also an excellent weapon. This one has armor corrosion and a chance of instant kill.

    One of my personal favorites is the sword Goldbrand, which you receive from Boethia's Daedric shrine quest. It does quite a bit of damage, looks rather cool and also features over 20 points of fire damage.

    This link is a listing of one handed swords in the game...perhaps you can find an even better sword. Good luck!

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