arguments that are pro informed consent?

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    There is no argument against informed consent. As a nurse I can tell you that you have a moral obligation to present all the facts to the best of your ability to a consumer of medical treatment. When you are dealing with a human beings body that person has every right to have all the information available to them prior to any type of treatment. More lawsuits come about as a result of misinformation than any other reason in the medical field other than death. Also if I may, remember a few things and you will have a great career: 1. you are not GOD because you have a medical degree. 2. Ask and respect the opinions of the nurses that care for your patients. You will see your patients in a hospital setting on a good day for about 15-20 mins tops, the nurses are the ones taking care of the patients you need their input to correctly care for the patients. 3. If you don't want to be awakened during the night don't become a doctor, you will have to take call and a nurse working the night shift is not sympathetic to the fact that you worked all day and now you have to answer a question in the middle of the night. Remember, we are the caretakers, you have to make the medical decisions. 4. A good doctor has the guts to tell a patient"I don't know but I will find someone who does." Good luck with your education and be a good doctor, we need more of them.

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    *crickets chirping*

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