3D Studio Max for Architectural renderings?

Hi all, hope you can guide me in the right direction. I work on Autocad doing Architectural work - house plans. I also have 3d Studio max and would like to make a 3d model of my plans , then render them (hopefully very photo-realistically), add people, sky tree etc. for the use of design and presentation BUT I dont know where to start.

Is there somewhere online or somewhere where there are step by step tutorials to help me make my flat 2D plans a 3D rendered masterpiece. Come on all you 3d buffs !!! I NEED YOUR HELP !!

p.s I cannot go on a course/college etc, as I work and cannot take time off (or afford it) Many thanks...have a great day

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    I can guide you in the right direction, but not in 1 paragraph...I am an architecture student and work with architectural renderings all the time. If you search online for tutorials, you should learn the skills needed. If you have experience with autocad, I recommend you to first 3d model your design in AutoCad. Then open 3d studio max . . . click import and locate your dwg file. If you need extra help send me a message.

  • Paul
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    5 years ago

    Architectural Visualization:

    3ds Max; $125/month


    Low-Cost Alternative:

    Blender; $0 or $10/month


    As a hobbyist, freelancer, or small to medium sized studio you can use Blender as a low-cost alternative to 3ds Max ($125/month).

    Architectural Visualization by Andrew Price (made with Blender)


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    Attractive 3D Animation Software - http://3dAnimationCartoons.com/?bEQB

  • jack
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    Hmm I'm not an expert in 3d modeling however You should goto a forum for making 3d models becuase poeple here are kinda rude and don't know what they are talking about anyways most of the time. http://www.cgfocus.com/forums/ is pertty cool site. Also for UV mapping use deepUV its a cool program. I also use paint shop pro for my textures. Also checkout http://www.3dmd.net/forum/ it actually lets you post

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