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Corrective maintenance VS Preventive Maintenance

Any interesting element or topic that can be used in the comparsion between corrective maintenance & preventive maintenance? Thx

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Corrective Maintenance - ususally you perform this type of maintenance work to fix something that does not/no longer works.

    Preventive Maintenance - you perform this type of repair to prevent further damage which will be more costly to repair down the road.

    Example - regular teeth cleaning is a preventive maintenance while tooth removal, root channal, framing (箍牙) are corrective maintenance

    Checking tire pressure and refill air as needed is preventive maintenance while patching flat tire is a corrective maintenance.

    Overlay street with asphalt paving is preventive maintenance while remova and reconstruct roadbed is corrective maintenance.

    2006-10-20 08:38:58 補充:

    Buying red roses on regular basis is a preventive maintenance (for the relationship). When time comes that you need to buy yellow roses to say (I am sorry), that becomes corrective maintenance.......

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  • 1 decade ago

    Preventive maintenance - lubricates the rubber parts in VCR

    Corrective maintenance - replace the rubber parts in VCR

    Preventive maintenance - perform regular building maintenance

    Corrective maintenance - remove and reconstruct portion of the building

    Preventive maintenance - clean up the air conditioning unit

    Corrective maintenance - replace the whole unit

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