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how to measure the float(浮動) things????

how to measure the float(浮動) things??

please answer in english!!!

If you do not know the answer,please answer no!!!!!!!

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  • 章魚
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    1 decade ago
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    First you have to prepare a measuring cylinder, a weight and a thread.

    Step 1: Measure the volume of the weight. ( Reading i)

    step 2: Take the weight out and tie it to the float things with a thread.

    Step 3: Measure the volume of the weight and the float things.(Reading ii)

    At last, Calculate the volume of the float things.

    Volume of float things = Reading ii minus Reating i

  • 1 decade ago

    To measure floating things, like ping pomp, u can measure its diameter and times 22and divide it by 7.

    To measure a cuboid, u can use a ruler to measure the length, width and height, then multiply them.

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