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考琴咪要考Aural ge,點先可以分到巴洛克,古典,浪漫,21世紀a,我唔係要咩句子長短,我想要D更容易分ge,好似多裝飾音a,會唔會撞音之類ge,4個時期都要有wo!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    First of all,you MUST look at the profile of the examiner posted in the exam center.

    It will mention what pieces oor what kind of music the examiner is interested in.

    e.g. organists have a bigger chance of playing baroque piece in part D of the exam.

    baroque period

    seldom use pedal

    terraced dynamic(sudden p or f),

    no obvious cresendo or decresendo,

    use of non legato touch

    polyphonic ,but still may be homophonic

    use of ornaments: mordent,trill turns

    modulation to related keys--dominant or subdominant.

    harmony-traditional chords or figurations.

    melody--use sequence or imitation

    classical period

    may use pedal,

    cresendo and decresendo present,

    melody develope from a motive or a theme

    texture mostly homophonic,

    touch,legato,staccato etc.

    may modulate to remote keys,e.g C major to A flat major,

    romantic period

    expressive/beautiful melody,

    sensuous harmony

    chromatic harmony

    tempo rubato

    homophonic,very few imitation or counterpoint

    lots of pedal

    modulate to remote keys

    piece well balanced and controlled

    20th century

    dissonant harmony

    polytonic or atonic

    may include blues jazz...

    central tonality may not be clear

    piece well balanced and controlled

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  • kings
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    GOOD!!! 加油!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    多數係中一果陣d miss或者阿sir都會有講 ,and then 其實中學本音樂書都有得睇

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