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MEng 與MSc in Electrical Engineering 之分別

請問MEng 與MSc in Electrical Engineering 之分別, MEng 可否charter ?

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    MEng , Master of Engineering 係 research base, 要寫論文 (Thesis),仲要比d professor approve, 先取得 master ga. 當然呢個 master 勁好多.不過好學術性,你要個 topic 好有興趣.讀完之後,有機會再上,讀 phd.

    MSc, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, 係 course base. 主要係讀 D 深入 D既理論.通常比較 practical, 比 d 做左幾,又想再進修既人讀.

    呢兩個 degree 同 charter 冇關. charter 要有4至5年經驗.有其他 charter 推薦你,再考個筆試同做 interview 先得嫁.去呢個 website see see la


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    sorry... MSC 通常比較 practical, 比 d 做左幾年野又想再進修既人讀.

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    補充timmy_lts 的回答,MEng是跟BEng Degree連住讀的, 而且應該冇part-time, MSc冇此規定。

    For HKIE charter, BEng Degree已足夠。 For 英國CEng charter, 1999年前畢業都係BEng Degree已足夠, 否則要MEng 或 BEng + MSc。


    The educational benchmark for both Membership as a Chartered Civil Engineer and for ECUK Chartered Engineer (CEng) registration is identical and is the completion of either:

    a) an accredited Bachelors degree with honours in engineering or technology, plus either an appropriate Masters degree accredited or approved by a professional institution, or appropriate further learning to Masters level, or

    b) an accredited MEng degree.

    Generally students starting a CEng accredited bachelors course before 1999 are able to meet the academic requirements for CEng registration without the additional Masters level requirement. From 1999, new accredited MEng courses became the benchmark standard. However, some bachelors courses were still recognised after this date. To check whether your course is accredited, you can look on ICE’s Joint Board of Moderators website jbm.org.uk or the ECUK website engc.org.uk

    Source(s): engc.org.uk ; www.ice.org.uk
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