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I do not feel that this type needs reinforcement from the student body. What we do need is citizens who will examine seriously and discuss vigorously the many difficult problems with which the times present us. On all sides we hear it said that what the world needs is leaders: it does, as always, of the right sort. But it needs above all an independent group of hard-headed ,clearthinking people who face the future courageously without taking refuge behind worn-out formulas and who can tell a statesman from a demagogue. The world does not need more followers, it has too many already. Don't acquire the habit young.

The university and all the other institutions of higher learning in this country are the result of a long , slow growth. Like individuals they have a lineage and have inherited many traits and accepted many traditions from their ancestors.

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    我不認為需要在學生身上加強這種特性(典型). 我們真正需要的是一個能認真檢討且熱衷討論這個時代所出給我們的難題的國民. 我們常聽見人們說這世界需要的是「領導者」,的確這類型的人正是我們要的. 領導者必須是超然獨立, 能勇於面對未來而不無懼腐敗, 能代表群眾表達政見. 世界上需要的是領導者,因為追隨者已經夠多了.

    大學與其他高等教育機構是經過慢且長的發展而成的. 如同每個人一樣它們有血統,遺傳許多特色,也會承襲祖先留下的傳統習俗.

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    我不認為這一型須要在學生會(or 體制) 上作加強 真正須要的是能夠洞查 會熱心去討論時事的市民(或會員) 我方認為(what is IT ? i cant translate it without u telling me so please add them in thanks)說這個世界 , 不可否認的, 須要一位稱職的領導者 但在那之上 須要的是一群思路清析 勇於面對未來 不以老舊的慣例為盾牌 並能分辨議員和煽動者的團體 此世以經太多盲目的跟從者了 別在早期(或年輕時)染上此惡習

    此國大學還有其它高等學術機關 是一段又長又慢的進度下的產物 就有如人有後裔 老祖宗留傳下來的傳統和軌跡是一樣的

    如果要求翻譯 請提供 題目 方向 和 語調需求 這樣才能貼詞達意喔 像我就一直要猜蠻辛苦低 耶 所以會有一大堆括號 因為我到最後才抓到你文章的方向 喔

    共勉之 (")/

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