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1.A manufacturer of garage doors finds that the total cost of producing x garage doors per week is approximately C(x)=400+40x+0.2x2.(1)Sketch the graph of this cost function.(2)What are the manufacturer's fixed costs?2.A rectangle has area 80 cm2.Write a function w that gives the width of the rectangle in terms of its length. What is the domain of the function?翻譯即可謝謝

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    1.一個車庫門生產者發現 : 每週生產x個車庫門的總費用C(x)=400+40x+0.2x^2



    2.一個矩形面積80cm^2. 以長度為變數寫出表示w(寬度)的方程式.又方程式的值域為何(for any l s.t. w(l) belongs to R)

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