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A 1.50 g sample of nitrous oxide contains 2.05*10^22 N2O molecules .

How many nitrogen atoms are in this sample?

How many nitrogen atoms are in 1.00 g of nitrous oxide?


Two samples of different compounds of nitrogen and oxygen have the following compositions. Show that th compounds follow the law of mltiole proportions.

What is the ratio of oxygen in the two compouds for a fixed amount of nitrogen?

Amount N Amount O

Compound A1.206 g 2.755g

Compound B1.651 g 4.714g

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    1. Each N2O molecule contains 2 nitrogen atoms.  Therefore, the number of nitrogen atoms is 2 times 2.05x1022 or 4.1x1022.  The number of nitrogen atoms in 1 g sample is 2.05x1022/1.5 or 1.37x1022.2. The atomic ratio of N and O in each compound is calculated as:Compound A: 1.206/14:2.755/16=1:2Compound B: 1.651/14:4.714/16=2:5These compounds follow the law of multiple proportions.  Fox a fixed amount of nitrogen, the ratio of oxygen in A and B is 4 to 5.

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