Kegel exercises or Jade Eggs?

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I heard that Kegel exercises can build up the strength in the female sex organs and etc. Then i heard of Jade eggs that do the same thing. The Chinese have been using the Jade eggs more
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  • ? answered 8 years ago
You should always do kegels, no matter what, since they're free and you can do them anywhere. Jade eggs will give you a good gauge as to how you are progressing, as you will be able to lift more and more weight and use smaller and smaller eggs.

Another thing you might want to look into is the kegelmaster 2000, it's a device that isolates the kegel muscles so you know for sure you're using the right ones, and it has adjustable progressive resistance, which is the best for stregthening any muscle. Jade eggs are static resistance.

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thanks a bunch
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  • ladyfraser04 answered 8 years ago
    Jade eggs are a tool to help you do Kegels, basically.
    You can do the Kegels anywhere, anytime.
    Some people have trouble isolating the muscles though
    The Jade egg is something you slip into you while standing, and there's a loop to attach progressively heavier weights to as your PC muscles get stronger. You'll definitely know if you're exercising the right muscles.


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  • moluvsmark answered 8 years ago
    Kegels do work, i have ever tried the jade eggs...the great thing about the kegels is you can do them anywhere and anytime and no one knows what you are up to
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  • B answered 8 years ago
    Kegel exercises are easy and best of all free. They also help alot. I prefer them over Jade Eggs. Jade Eggs are tricky.
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  • fava69 answered 8 years ago
    i hear kegels work well
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  • Steph answered 8 years ago
    Well, Kegel exercises are free...that answers it for me.
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