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Has anybody made money on sports betting online?


Cyrenica what is the big deal? I like to get all the good advice I can get.

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    yes a **** ton but most are just spreds and when you are dealing with cover the spred i hav also lost alot of money too think about it long and hard before you start. and make sure you don't bet on a bunch of games that you have no idea about the team lets say your a fan of one team or something make a bigger bet on the team you know the most about thats the best way to make money i found out the hard way i thought i knew it all but i woke up from my dream out of about 5000$

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    Paul, you asked this question 3 weeks ago, and gave me 10, let me cut and paste my answer!

    Do you mean make money? Then yes.............I have made $1,000s. I was worried the first time that I would never see my money, but they sent it. They don't always have the best odds, but I have learned to deal with it.

    Don't bet with your heart. The other thing I want to add, is don't get greedy. I know a lot of people who look at sports gambling as a way to win BIG money and will parlay games together to get big odds...........these are the ones who lose money.

    My philosophy (and I make most of my money on college football and hockey) is to choose the heavy favourite at home and pick them. If the home team is not favoured in double digits, I'm not interested. Yesterday I bet on 6 games, won all 6, and made 16%. (Betting $100 to win $16) I'd rather do games one game at a time, and win small amounts than make make huge parlays and win nothing.

    For the record...I put $1000 in my account at the first week of January every year.

    In 2002 I withdrew $4,600.00 in December

    In 2003 I withdrew $2,800.00 in December

    In 2004 I withdrew $15,200.00 in December

    In 2005 I withdrew $4,100.00 in December

    Currently, for 2006, I am up $3,900.00

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    There's plenty of online sports betting sights out there. If you know your sports and are a good prognosticator, there's obviously some money to be made. I've had an account goin at one sight for almost four years. I withdrew my startup deposit a long time ago and have been playin with house money ever since.

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    Is simply to gain at activity betting with the Zcodes System that you will discover here .

    Zcodes System is a program that'll gives you fully automated activities recommendations based on a powerful forecast model. After that it bottles you the information each and every day of the entire year with easy instructions on how to position bets and constantly win.

    Zcodes System covers most of the important functions in the sporting schedule then when one activities year stops, still another is already finding started.

    Zcodes System includes activities like: baseball, soccer, tennis, soccer, baseball, horse race and a whole fill more.

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    Hell ya i bet a 7 team parley once a week during football usually around 20 bucks nothing huge and won 2gs ended the year with superbowl included DAMN SAINTS lol up 2800 nice little side hobby that gives u a nice vacation amount just read up on sports gaming first and only gamble with what you can afford to loose be smart.....

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    Sports betting systems are sets of events that when combined for a particular game for a particular sport represents a profitable betting scenario

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    I personally like taking high paying odds like parlays and futures. My biggest win was the Super Bowl last year. I picked the Steelers @ 19-1 odds at the beginning of the season.

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    According to CBS4 Denver, Yes, but its not legal in all states. Colorado being one that its not legal in.

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